We have a winner?

For those of you who put money down that Freddy Sanchez would beat out Jack Wilson to get traded, this news comes as a sign that you might be in for a windfall soon. Says Rotoworld:

According to Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse, the Angels are likely looking at Freddy Sanchez.

Fletcher thinks this could mean that Howie Kendrick could be shipped out in a separate deal. It’s the only way this would make sense considering the contributions they have been getting from Kendrick and Maicer Izturis of late.

Who the Pirates will be getting in turn for Sanchez is still up in the air, but be thankful, Bucs fans, that it probably wont be Howie Kendrick, because that trade would make absolutely no sense for the Pirates. Then again, that might be their angle. An extremely shitty angle, but an angle nonetheless.

UPDATE: As I was posting that last bit of news, this info came through the wire:

Jon Heyman of SI.com writes that the Giants’ pursuit of Freddy Sanchez seems “pretty serious.”

According to Heyman, the Pirates are currently scouting the Giants abundant minor league system. The team could use an upgrade from second base options that have combined for an NL-worst .225/.281/.304 line this season.
Now I don’t know if that last line means the Pirates or the Giants have the NL-worst second basemen, but this just adds to the “Sanchez is getting traded” whispers.

One Response to “We have a winner?”

  1. ebj Says:

    the pirates are going to be the best AA team in the majors soon. hell, even the gnatinals are going to be better.

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