Pittsburgh is now officially Boston’s AAAA farm team

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that I couldn’t find ONE picture of Jason Bay and Adam LaRoche.

PITTSBURGH — The Boston Red Sox added one of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ middle-of-the-order hitters for the second time in as many seasons, acquiring first baseman Adam LaRoche on Wednesday for two mid-level prospects.

In my triumphant return to the NEZ after the best-wedding-to-ever-happen-on-the-face-of-the-earth as well as a pretty damn good honeymoon, I have the great pleasure of informing you all that the Red Sox have pre-meditated an injury at either first, third, or DH and have picked up one of the Pirates better players in one-half of the LaRoche Brothers. Some key points on this trade and what it means for all involved:

1. The Pirates got rid of a free agent at seasons end and picked up two prospects (a hitter with comparable stats to LaRoche and a pitcher who hasn’t shit the bed on the mound) from a farm system known to be best in the league. An oddly smart move for the Buccos.

2. The Red Sox got an insurance plan for three players (not all at one time though) and with one having a bum hip (still) and another still getting his hitting questioned, this is a good acquisition for Theo, only losing parts they could afford to lose (read: they weren’t heading to The Show anytime soon).

3. Now that they are on different teams, the LaRoche Brothers can now only have “LaRoche” on the back of their uni’s rather than the I’m-not-unique “Ad. LaRoche” and “An. LaRoche”.

4. Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson better have their bags already packed, because one or both of them are not going to be in Pittsburgh nine days from now. Guaranteed.

Anyway, on a different note, I’m loving this HateFest 2009 business and urge all the readers to contribute to the comment section and email us any thoughts you have on any teams you may hate, dislike, or loathe with the fire of a thousand suns. Oh and the Yankees suck.


4 Responses to “Pittsburgh is now officially Boston’s AAAA farm team”

  1. C Gally Says:

    I'm getting real tired of everyone bitching about the Pirates trading away their players. Nothing like wanting to keep a team together that's on their way to 100 losses.

    Also, the main aspect of this trade is that LaRoche is a FA after this season. Chances of re-signing him were slim to none.

  2. The Northerner Says:

    I haven't heard of anyone really complaining about trading away the Pirates, but I do find it intriguing that it seems the Sox have first dibs at their players considering there are 28 other teams out there. Granted it's a small sample, but still.

    The Pirates are going to have to win off of prospects because they don't have enough money to sign a big name FA and they have no players that they can make a trade with. They are up shit's creek and they don't seem to have a paddle.

  3. C Gally Says:

    Shockingly enough, I have a lot of friends that are also Pirate fans. this shit creek you refer to would be Major League Baseball. The paddle would be tv contracts. And no, the Pirates do not have one of those.

  4. ebj Says:

    i am with the sports guy, why not trade buchholz for victor. better move, though they may need him for smoltz, who looks done.

    sox could have done better, but he's solid enough. pittsburgh needs to hire tampa or minny's personnel guys. those small market teams do it right.

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