Weekend recap

The N is still out on vacation, so here’s a half hearted attempt to recap your weekend.

Tom Watson does his best Greg Norman impression
Well, it wasn’t quite that bad. The guy is too old to be playing that well in a major, so he can take that to heart. That putt on 18 was painful to watch, however. He choked like Bob Stoops in a bowl game.

The ESPYs took place
I didn’t actually watch, but the cell phone blew up with news that Matt Ryan won the break-through athlete of the year award. Good lord do we hate this guy. He’s so smarmy-looking that he should be hosting the Joe Schmo Show. So add this to his list of accomplishments, including 2007 Champs Sports Bowl Champion.

Baseball – Northerner style…

Red Sox: yayyyy
Yankees: booooo
Pirates: hahaha
Other teams: ???

Michael Vick is a free man
He’s still upset that he left his Rita Hayworth poster in his prison cell.

That’s all I got. Hope everyone had a better weekend than Tiger. Hatefest 2009 Week 2 begins tomorrow. Get your hate in for those big name teams we never actually play Notre Dame, Tennessee, Ohio State, and Michigan are all on the slate for some hate.

Yes, it rhymed.

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