Weekend Recap: WOOOOOOO Version

The N allowed a special exemption to have your humble editor to jump on the weekend recap. I apologize for the delay, but I doubt any letters will reach our inbox. (If you feel like writing, please use as many curse words as possible, and write in all caps.)

Onto this weekend, not that anything special happened. Except for…

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Yes, my beloved Penguins did what many deemed impossible. Sidney, Geno, and everyone else FINALLY got that Stanley Cup they’ve waited 5 years to hoist. There will clearly be a more substantial post on the accomplishment at a later time. But I don’t see how anyone that watched the last period can possibly say they can’t get into hockey. I know it was my team and all, but good lord. A crossbar to keep the lead in game 7 with 2 minutes left? Dead people had heart attacks watching that. And Hossa? You know I kinda feel ba… BAAAAAAAAH. His tears sustain me. Again, much, much more to come.

Another Championship. There was some sort of basketball contest or something this weekend too. We know we give the NBA a pretty big snub here, but we can say succinctly that we hate the Lakers. Thus, this series gets a big “whatevs” from us. Maybe if Penny Hardaway was still on the Magic, we would have paid attention. But those 4th quarters were unbearable. I’ve seen less timeouts at a daycare.

The final nail in the coffin for Detroit. Bill Laimbeer resigns as coach of WNBA’s Detroit Shock. Adjust your WNBA Fantasy Coach lineup accordingly.

Less important news than the WNBA… The Plaxico hearing has been delayed until September, which likely means he will not be playing football this season. The real lesson here is simple kids: buy a freaking holster, right? We’re not sure how this affects the Giants as a football team, but boy is Tom Coughlin’s face red ba-dum-ching. They’ll still beat the Redskins, have no fear.


To be honest, that’s all I could find while at work today. It seemed to be a slow sports weekend other than the two championships. It may also be because I just woke up from Friday night. Anyone seen my pants?

5 Responses to “Weekend Recap: WOOOOOOO Version”

  1. The Northerner Says:

    Nothing else happened?! How about the Red Sox taking two from Philly on the road? How about the fact that the Met's pathetic-ness seems to have no end by castillo dropping a routine infield fly to allow the tying AND winning runs to score in the bottom of the ninth? How about updates from the college world series?

    Like my dad always said: never leave a boy to do a man's job; and like what my grandfather says: if you want something done right, do it yourself. Never again, CGally! Never again!

    Oh, and they're saying Plax is more than likely going to play this year since he probably won't get suspended until after he is convicted.

  2. C Gally Says:

    My team just won the Stanley Cup. that is my response to that statement.

  3. The Northerner Says:

    You've got about a week until that runs it's course. Get your money's worth while you can. It would generally be 2 weeks to a month, depending on sport, team, how big they won, etc; but hockey doesn't have as much pull, so you only have a week.

  4. C Gally Says:

    Does the week start from the end of the game or when I woke up to find my roommate sleeping on the porch?

  5. The Northerner Says:

    Ground floor porch or more of a deck-like porch?

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