Gloatin’ time

From the New York Daily News:

BOSTON – If the Yankees and Red Sox are headed for a date with destiny in the ALCS as many believe, then Boston should start making World Series plans.

Like I always said, when the going gets tough for New York sports teams, their fans and the media shit on them harder than the elephant that killed his zookeeper with poo. Not only are they only two games back (IN JUNE), but they were playing at Fenway, away from home, in one of most hostile environments for them. That’s like if UVa was good (try to imagine…we’re in pretend world now) and the Hokies went and lost at Scott Stadium (still pretend world) in the third week and then shat on the rest of their season. OK back to real world.

But enough of the feigned sympathy. The Sox crushed them (spirit-wise, it was a one-run game and the Sox had to come back down two). The Sox are now 8-0 on the season against them and 9-0 dating back to last year. The Sox play them 19 times this season, so the way I look at it is, all I want is at least two more wins, and we won the season series against them putting us in a better position for the post season. Of course I want more than two wins, but I will be happy with the fact that we took 8 straight in 2009 from them, home and away. Oh and Papi hit two home runs this series, doubling his season total. Hopefully this is the start of something beautiful. Who knew that playing the Yankees would be the swift kick in the pants he needed (fingers crossed) to get going. Also, Boston’s pitching is lights out. Rotation and bullpen. Suck on that one, rest of the league.

On a side note: NBA season is almost over!! In the words of CGally: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Also, the Pirates are only 4 games under .500 and 5 games out of first place in their division. Could this year be it?

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