Battle of the Titans

For those of you in the DC area, you probably have no idea that a battle of epic proportions is currently raging down by the Navy Yard. Yes, two buzzsaws of Major League Baseball, the Nationals and the Pirates, are in the midst of a four game series.

The teams are a combined 29-48. The Nats have a .289 winning percentage… .289!!! They’ve already dropped the first two games against the Buccos, who are inching ever so slowly back to .500. They are three games below that mark, or as we say in Pittsburgh circles, “Three games back.”

But really, the only reason this is being mentioned here is that your humble editor will be in attendance tonight. Please pray that those rabid Nats fans don’t tear me apart for wearing my Andy Van Slyke jersey. I guess I could always rock out this shirt…


4 Responses to “Battle of the Titans”

  1. The Northerner Says:

    I saw that winning percentage yesterday and actually said out loud “Damn… Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting better than the Nationals are winning.”

  2. C Gally Says:

    Two Pirate regulars are hitting better than that. I was shocked to see any Pirate regulars over .250, but whatevs.

  3. The Northerner Says:

    Adam Dunn is only hitting two points lower than his team is winning. That’s sad.

  4. C Gally Says:

    Three gmail status messages I see right now:

    Adam Dunn has more home runs (12) than the Nationals pitching staff has wins (11).

    Nick Johnson (33.3%) and Ryan Zimmerman (35.8%) get hits more often than the Nats win (28.9%).

    If the Nats winning percentage (.289) was a weight, it would be only 14 pounds heavier than Adam Dunn.

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