Paulus has made a commitment

Like every other Duke graduate, Greg Paulus has decided to take the easy way out and become an underachiever. He has committed to Syracuse and will “compete” for the starting QB job. What a loser. Guy gets beaten our for the starting job at Duke in his senior year and now decides to go to Syracuse to play football. I guess he has just stopped trying. Hell I could compete, and win, the starting QB job at Syracuse, but unfortunately my eligibility has run out due to my four years on the badminton team. For shaaaaaaaame. Anyways, Paulus will probably keep the status quo in Syracuse and we will never hear of him again. The end.


2 Responses to “Paulus has made a commitment”

  1. A. Young Says:

    This post will come to haunt you when Paulus throws the game-winning TD in the 2010 BCS Championship against the Hokies.

  2. The Northerner Says:

    If that happens, I will get Paulus’ likeness tattooed on my ass.

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