Relocated Whalers upset Devils in last second

Ok, so there probably isn’t anyone left on the Hurricanes that was there when the team was located in Hartford, but there should be dammit. That’s besides the point. This goal was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And Martin Brodeur is all pissy because he “got run into” before the goal was scored, but like our mulleted friend on the WWL says, Brodeur was outside the crease and had time to reset himself before the shot. So stop whining Marty. Typical New Jersey pansy.

The Penguins also won, so I bet CGally is hungover. We shouldn’t be expecting any posts from him today, but then again, do we ever? They now lead the series 3-1, with pretty much no hope left for the Flyers. Bruins play in the possible clincher tonight, and let’s hope the French-Canadian d-bags in Montreal decide against booing the US national anthem this time. Didn’t work out so well for them the other night.

Never forget:
Connecticut had a pro sports team once.

2 Responses to “Relocated Whalers upset Devils in last second”

  1. C Gally Says:

    Well I was planning on an NHL recap, but I suppose having you do one for the Eastern Conference is plenty.

    Also, I’m real tired of people whining about the non-call on possible interference. Marty skated into the guy about five feet outside the crease. In a tie game. That gets called… never.

  2. The Northerner Says:

    I’m sure you could delve into more detail if you would like.

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