Biggest bust?

Looking at this article on, it lists the top few NFL bust by school and then lets you vote on who you think is the top NFL bust. According to the 283 votes at the time I viewed the page, it was concluded, overwhelmingly, that Michael Vick was the biggest bust to come out of VT.

Now, if the question was: who was the biggest waste of talent that got involved in a disgusting extra-curricular act, then yes I would vote Michael Vick. But when compared to EVERY other player in the list, whose “bust” level was based on performance in the NFL and Vick’s “bust”ness was based on the fact that he is in prison, and not on how he performed in the NFL, I feel like he doesn’t even qualify as a bust.

Here’s why:
1. His NFL numbers were good and he changed the face of the Atlanta Falcons
2. He is not permanently banned from the NFL and can still come back to improve on his records
3. The missed playing years are not due to poor performance or injury, but rather being an awful human being.

Case in point: Ricky Williams and Ray Lewis were not considered “busts” by this article and yet both lost playing time for non-football reasons. And Ricky Williams is definately not the back he was in college.

I’d like to hear what the arguments are for this one, so as always, post in the comment section. Is Michael Vick the biggest bust from VT?

Editor’s note: Vick got 68% of the vote with Jim Druckenmiller coming in second with 21%… it wasn’t even close.


3 Responses to “Biggest bust?”

  1. Michael Says:

    Absolutely not. Michael Vick won a road playoff game in Lambeau and was widely considered the most electric player in the NFL for a few years. Jim Druckenmiller never did anything of note in the NFL, and given all of his workout prowess and the success he had at Tech he never came close to his (what was thought at the time) potential.

  2. C Gally Says:

    I like how WVU isn’t even on the list. I guess they’re not considered a big time college program…

  3. The Northerner Says:

    Honestly, I was kind of surprised we made it onto the list.

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