UNC: University of the National Champions

Yep, everyone saw last night, UNC annihilated Michigan State to win the National Championship. Good for them. They played hard and won big. As much as I want to diminish this win due to my jealousy, I can’t. They aren’t Duke. They play well and they generally play clean. It sucks. We’ll just beat them in football.

Everyone was saying they weren’t good enough, they weren’t the “sexy pick”, Michigan St. had the home court advantage, etc. Well, eff you, the ACC is still the best basketball conference (and the second best football conference). I don’t hear all the sports pundits yapping about the Big East anymore. Say what you want about having two teams in the Final Four, we have the National Champion. And it wasn’t even close.

Hell, WE only lost to UNC by 3. We could have beat Michigan State. Well probably not, but that’s my argument and logically it makes sense. But anyways, the NCAA champion is in the ACC and not the Big East. So ‘Nova beat Duke. Big whup. Duke blows. They cheat and their coach looks just like Hitler. But when ‘Nova plays a good ACC team, they get manhandled. So did Michigan State. We didn’t get manhandled. Ergo, we’re better than ‘Nova and Michigan State, ergo, the ACC is better than the Big East and the Big Ten. GO HOKIES!!

Note: I came up with that title all by myself. No fake. No fake.


13 Responses to “UNC: University of the National Champions”

  1. C Gally Says:

    I think I just went cross-eyed reading that logic.

    Does that mean that Maryland and BC are really the National Champs?

  2. C Gally Says:

    I’m also tryingto wrap my head around that “second best football conference” line.

    I love the ACC as much as anyone… but come on man. Really?

  3. The Northerner Says:

    No, just that they’re part of the best conference in basketball. Being up in NY, all anyone talked about was how good the Big East is, so I’m a little more excited than normal that it blew up in their face. Plus the Yankees got owned by the Orioles last night whilst CC was pitching, and that helps too.

  4. The Northerner Says:

    who is better than us in football? Well besides the SEC, they’re number 1. The Big Ten sucks, Big east sucks, Pac 12 sucks, maybe the Big 12, maybe.

  5. C Gally Says:

    Depends on your time frame, but the ACC just won their first BCS Bowl in 9 years this year. The Big 12 has blown us out of the water over the past 10 years.

    That said, I hate arguing about which conference is better.

  6. The Northerner Says:

    That’s true. OK so maybe my homerism got the best of me. Let’s say we’re solidly the third best conference in football with glimmers of being the second best at times.

  7. A. Young Says:

    I’ll agree that the ACC is the 3rd best football conference, tied with the Pac-10. But to say the ACC is the best basketball conference this year is ridiculous! Yeah, the Tar Heels were National Champs but you have to look top to bottom in the conference. Depaul would would destroy Tech or UVA.

  8. The Northerner Says:

    Maybe Depaul would beat UVa but not Tech. Take a look at my logic, it’s flawless. We lose by three to UNC, UNC beat ‘Nova by a lot, ‘Nova is better than Depaul, thus we are better than Depaul. Flawless.

    Kidding aside, there is way more parity in the ACC than in the Big East so just because our ACC record may be worse than the Pittsburgh Pirates, it doesn’t mean we were terrible. Just “bad” in the ACC.

  9. C Gally Says:

    If the ACC had 27 teams like the Big East does, I’m sure there’d be 2 of them in the Final Four as well.

    Also, no one has a better record than the Pirates right now. Not even the 2008 Patriots.

  10. The Northerner Says:

    Well if you want to go down that road you probably should have said that no one had a better winning percentage. I’m pretty sure many teams have a better record than 1-0. That won’t last 24 hours though, so enjoy it while you can.

  11. C Gally Says:

    Just sayin’, no need to single out the Buccos. The won with a 3 run double by Jack Wilson. JACK FREAKING WILSON. The guy that looks like a vampire.

    And I will enjoy it, because we’re winning again today. Then tomorrow as well. And that’s called a “winning streak”. It has happened before.

    …just not to us.

  12. C Gally Says:

    Also, does that make Manatee Community College better than the Cardinals?

  13. The Northerner Says:

    Well baseball is a different animal, the “games” are actually series’ so if the Manatee CC beat the Pirates in a series and then the Pirates beat the Cards in a series, then yes, Manatee CC is better than the cards.

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