TV Theme Madness: Sweet Sixteen

It’s finally here!! We know this should have been posted yesterday, but the Penguins won 6 – 1, which makes the Pens drinking game a little difficult to handle.

Not too many close games this last round, as you can see from the results. Vote here. A lot of blow outs and mismatches. Let’s take a look:

Norm Region

Cheers rolled as expected, but the real story here is Cinderella. The Simpsons took down Duck Tales, one of our dark horses to make the final four. This creates a classic match up of the two longest running animated shows in history. The drubbing that Ghostbusters put on Beverly Hillbillies made Jed Clampet move back to Sticksville.

Relaxin’ All Cool Region

Sesame Street received 4 votes. Why even bother to show up at the gym? And Inspector Gadget pulled off the upset in impressive style. The Gadget has to like it’s chances against Happy Days.

Bayside Region

All chalk in the Bayside Region Almost all chalk in the Bayside Region. Gilligan’s Island is looking about as strong as anyone at this point.

Gumshoe Region

The Muppet Show pulls off a slight upset, but garners more votes than it’s upcoming opponent, Carmen Sandiego. The Salute Your Shorts / A Team matchup make this region the one to watch out for.

Here are the sweet sixteen matchups:
Norm Region
#1 Cheers vs. #5 Ghostbusters
#2 Flintstones vs. #11 Simpsons

Relaxin’ All Cool Region
#1 Fresh Prince of Bel Air vs. #5 Scooby Doo
#3 Happy Days vs. #10 Inspector Gadget

Bayside Region
#1 Saved by the Bell vs. #5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
#2 Gilligan’s Island vs. #6 The Jeffersons

Again, cast your vote here. Good luck to all participants.

13 Responses to “TV Theme Madness: Sweet Sixteen”

  1. The Northerner Says:

    If it was “all chalk in the Bayside Region” like you said, then TMNT wouldn’t have upset Fraggle Rock in such dramatic fashion. Clean it up.

    And much like Villanova, are all the wins by The Simpsons really upsets? Or was it just poor seeding? I’m gonna go with the latter.

    Oh, and the Penguins didn’t win last night. That was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Come on, you really believe they would win 6-1? Come on.

  2. Maniak Says:

    what does ‘all chalk’ even mean? Kansas isnt in this?

    i am going to go against every fiber of my being and agree with the angry northerner on The Simpsons seeding. Only someone from Morgantown would make them a #11. and don’t give me that ‘you voted for it’ crap.

    happy hour at the front page tonite $2 beers. who has two thumbs and doesn’t have to work tomorrow? this guy.

  3. C Gally Says:

    Fair enough, my bad.

    The Simpsons are just stronger than they showed in the regular season. And I don’t recall anyone bitching about their seeding at the time.

    And the only joke last night was Martin Broduer.

  4. The Northerner Says:

    Thanks, Maniak. That means a lot.

    I would love to go get $2 beers, but alas, that would be a bitch of a drive home tonight.

  5. C Gally Says:

    The comment section is not a who-wants-to-get-drunk-with-Maniak message board. I already get those emails twice a day from being on your kick ball team.

  6. The Northerner Says:

    Aww you guys have a kickball team? I need to move to DC.

  7. The Northerner Says:

    And the comment section is whatever it needs to be in order to get people to leave something here.

  8. Randy Says:

    I don’t understand how Salute Your Shorts is still in this thing.

  9. C Gally Says:

    The N: No one wants you in DC. And yes, people can do pretty much whatever the hell they want here.

    Old Man Randy: Salute Your Shorts is an incredible showcase of musical artistry. I will not have any of your crummudgonry today.

  10. The Northerner Says:

    Salute Your Shorts changed my life. I resent any comments against it.

    You were the one who said the comments sections wasn’t a message board for Maniak to whore himself out. I was defending his right to post whatever alcohol infused solicitation he wanted.

    I didn’t want to move to DC anyways.

  11. furrer4heisman Says:

    If the Fraggles have been eliminated I’m done voting. The TV theme bracket is dead to me.

  12. C Gally Says:

    Come on furrer, do you stop watching the NCAA tournament once your bracket is busted?? Wait… I do stop paying close attention when that happens. Nevermind.

  13. The Northerner Says:

    Did you really think Fraggle Rock had a chance against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I mean this was set in stone beforehand for three reasons:

    1. They’re Turtles.
    2. They’re Mutant Turtles.
    3. They’re Mutant Turtles with ninja skills.

    You would be kidding yourself if Fraggle Rock could take them down.

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