Man arrested for DUI while on bar stool

A 28-year old man was arrested for drunk driving in Newark, OH while still sitting on a bar stool. Now before you all get up in arms about this miscarriage of justice, it should be noted that the bar stool was attached to a deconstructed lawnmower. See this mechanical marvel below:

The man arrested, Kile Wygle (?!), had the authorities called on him after he crashed this vessel. He was treated for minor injuries.

Wygle had told the 5-0 that he had been drinking, and while at the watering hole, he consumed 15 beers. That’s when they charged him with a DUI.

If it takes this guy crashing his drunk mobile and then telling you that he had 15 beers to get charged for a DUI, I think he’s either a really good drunk, or you suck at being a cop.

In addition, Kile said that this scooter/car/lawnmower/go kart/power wheel goes up to 38 miles an hour. My first car didn’t even go 38 miles an hour.

Oh those crazy people in Ohio.


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