TV Theme Madness: Opening Round

We know everyone is down in the dumps about needing double OT to beat Du-freaking-quesne. We are all wondering why we didn’t go to a zone when all our opponents are doing is knocking down threes. But we got the win and that’s all that matters. Also, we all got to laugh every time the accouncers talked about the Dukes’ Jason Duty. So let’s move on to the important things in life.

The 2009 North End Zone Tournament of Champions: TV Theme Songs

That’s right folks, it’s finally here. The seedings and regions are below. You can vote here.

NOTE: Please remember that you are voting on the awesomeness of the theme song, not the actual show. Otherwise Top Gear would have been a #1 seed.

Here they are:

Norm Region
#1 Cheers vs. #16 Doug
#8 Andy Griffith vs. #9 Hawaii Five-o
#5 Ghostbusters vs. #12 Animaniacs
#4 Beverly Hillbillies vs. #13 Golden Girls
#6 Dukes of Hazard vs. #11 Simpsons
#3 Duck Tales vs. #14 GUTS
#7 Family Guy vs. #10 Cosby Show
#2 Flintstones vs. #15 Perfect Strangers

Relaxin’ All Cool Region
#1 Fresh Prince of Bel Air vs. #16 Friends
#8 Sesame Street vs. #9 Knight Rider
#5 Scooby Doo vs. #12 Three’s Company
#4 Brady Bunch vs. #13 The OC
#6 Smurfs vs. #11 Chip ‘n Dale
#3 Happy Days vs. #14 Scrubs
#7 Full House vs. #10 Inspector Gadget
#2 Green Acres vs. #15 Facts of Life

Bayside Region
#1 Saved by the Bell vs. #16 That 70’s Show
#8 Family Matters vs. #9 Batman
#5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. #12 Married With Children
#4 Fraggle Rock vs. #13 GI Joe
#6 The Jeffersons vs. #11 All in the Family
#3 McGuyver vs. #14 South Park
#7 MASH vs. #10 Hey Dude
#2 Gilligan’s Island vs. #15 Rocko’s Modern Life

Gumshoe Region
#1 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego vs. #16 Looney Tunes
#8 Mission Impossible vs. #9 Darkwing Duck
#5 The Muppet Show vs. #12 Heathcliffe
#4 Wonder Years vs. #13 Tail Spin
#6 Tiny Toons vs. #11 Charles in Charge
#3 Salute Your Shorts vs. #14 The Office
#7 Walker: Texas Ranger vs. #10 Step by Step
#2 The A Team vs. #15 Transfromers

Feel free to complain about the seedings in the comments. We encourage healthy debate. But please realize how ridiculous it was to seed this thing. Is the Muppet Show theme really better or more classic than Darkwing Duck? We have no freaking idea. But we’ll defend our decisions to the death, so you’d best bring some facts.

And please, no office pools about this. Gambling is illegal, people. I know I’m certainly not participating in 4 different NCAA pools picking 4 different final fours to hedge myself. Never.

Some of the big time matchups:

#6 Smurfs vs. #11 Chip ‘n Dale
#7 Full House vs. #10 Inspector Gadget
#3 McGuyver vs. #14 South Park
#7 MASH vs. #10 Hey Dude
#5 The Muppet Show vs. #12 Heathcliffe
#4 Wonder Years vs. #13 Tail Spin
#7 Walker: Texas Ranger vs. #10 Step by Step

Voting will be open until Wednesday March 25th at midnight. Again, the poll can be found here:

Good luck to all participants.


10 Responses to “TV Theme Madness: Opening Round”

  1. The Northerner Says:

    Should have been called the West Philadelphia Region. And Doug should have been a 16 seed. At least a 10. You ask anyone to hum it and they’ll be able to do it in a second.

  2. The Northerner Says:

    Doug shouldn’t have been a 16 seed. Shouldn’t.

  3. Maniak Says:

    great typing skills whoever you are. i require mp3’s of all of these songs so that i can properly compare.

    get on it.

  4. C Gally Says:

    The bottom seeds were determined based on the voting of the non-locks. I love me some Doug too, but you have to give the people their vote.

  5. The Northerner Says:

    I am your worst nightmare. Who are you?

    Oh and Facts of Life got robbed at #15 and I am shocked, SHOCKED, that TMNT is a 5 seed. They should have been in a rough battle for a 1 seed.

  6. The Northerner Says:

    Still shocked.

  7. C Gally Says:


    You should feel lucky that your Scrubs theme made it in.

  8. Randy Says:

    What is with this blog’s infatuation with Doug? That song shouldn’t even be in the NIT version of TV Theme Madness. And GI Joe gets the same seed as the Golden Girls and the freaking OC? And a worse seed than Hey Dude? Come on. The selection committee is asleep at the wheel.

  9. The Northerner Says:

    It’s really not the blog’s infatuation, more like B-Dub’s infatuation. He went to school with Skeeter.

    But other than that, I agree with the seeding problem. There were some major missteps taken, and the large amount of upsets should prove this.

    I am still shocked by TMNT being a 5 seed. SHOCKED.

  10. Hokie Guru Says:

    Great blog, guys 🙂

    Hokie Guru

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