The US doesn’t completely suck at baseball

They celebrated by beating the shit out of David Wright, MMA-style.

Last night the US team made it to the semi-final round of the WBC in thrilling fashion. Down 5-3 in the bottom of the ninth, they loaded the bases and gave David Wright the chance to save the day with his drop-in bloop awkward-swing lucky single to right field that landed fair by about 2 feet. No matter how lucky it was, it was exciting. And now we have knocked off the Puerto Ricans to face some team that I haven’t spent the time to find out in the next round.

Though, after the US-Puerto Rico game, the Japan-Korea game came on, so I watched a little bit of that. Let me just say, if we have to play either of them, we are royally screwed. They were good. And fast. The first baseman for Korea is, let me put this nicely, a fat ass, and he was diving and jumping like he was on the Chinese gymnastics team. Like I said only a few weeks ago, Ichiro is not one of the better players on the Japanese team. So when I say we’re screwed, I’m not kidding around. Korea won 4-1.

Here’s the highlights of the US game in case you missed it last night, or on Sportscenter after, or this morning. It’s a little long, but it’s worth it.

7 Responses to “The US doesn’t completely suck at baseball”

  1. C Gally Says:

    Maybe I’m just being nit picky, but isn’t Puerto Rico part of the U.S.?? Wouldn’t this be the same as the national team beating Team Montana?

  2. The Northerner Says:

    You’re right. You are being nit-picky.

    And no it wouldn’t be like the US beating Montana. Montana is a state. They have representatives in Congress. This would be like the US beating the Marianas Islands, or Alaska in 1958. Not Montana.

  3. C Gally Says:

    Just saying, seems a little unfair.

    And way to spend St. Patrick’s Day watching baseball. Wooooo.

  4. The Northerner Says:

    I went and drank after work. See I have this thing called a fiancee. She demands a portion of my time therefore I am not able to free-wheel it around town with the local hussies every night.

  5. C Gally Says:

    Hey man, I have finances too, but you don’t see me bitching about it.

  6. The Northerner Says:

    When you going to quit complaining about not knowing how to satisfy a woman and post the current results of the NIT bracket?

  7. C Gally Says:

    We’ll get them up round by round. I’m sure the 6 people participating aren’t anxiously waiting.

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