This explains a lot.

For those of you who don’t know, the man on the right is Brian Cashman, the general Manager of the New York Yankees. The man on the left, is obviously a non-Yankee fan, and is much, much smarter than the man on the right. Or, possibly a more reasonable explanation is that Cashman can’t read. Never learned.

I bet this is how the off season signings went:

Cashman: Wait, how much are we signing Teixeira and Sabathia for?

Scott Boras: Package deal, 50 bucks. Take it or leave it.

Cashman: I’m an awesome negotiator, better than William Shatner! I’m a genius!

Boras: Just sign here, here, and here.

Cashman: I love signing things!

The only shirt that might have been better for this picture is the one that says “Steinbrenner Ruined Baseball”. That would have been classic.


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