Pick ‘n Pop: Tech loses

There’s just so much anger revolving around last night’s game that it’s hard to put into word. We’ve always preached to not whine about the refs, but we just can’t help it.

Was that for real? Like really for real? If the ACC wants Duke and UNC to get through with great records, then fine. But at least come out and say it, lest you almost lay a hand on Hansborough and get an intentional foul. But Jeff Allen getting mauled? Oh, that just speaks to how rough the league can be. Like we’ve said before, it’s a team of Kobe’s and Lebron’s.

So, so angry.

That being said, Tech gave up 6 points from d’oh! steals at the point and missed at least 4 lay-ups. The refs were terrible, but not the main reason we lost.

UNC is very, very good. One more 30-foot three pointer and the remote was going through the wall. (Same can be said for the phrase “Pick ‘n Pop”. What the hell did that even mean?)

So whatevs. As the Northerner pointed out, we may need another hero to pull us through. Someone who has saved more than just a basketball season…


We are officially calling the game against FSU is a must-win. Here’s why:

We are assuming that 2 wins are needed to ensure an NCAA bid. We have FSU left in the regular season, plus any games in the tournament.

Most likely, we will be the 8th seed in the ACC tournament, first playing Miami (another must-win). Our next game? UNC or Duke.

So there you have it. Must-win*. Worst words ever**.

*obviously “must-win” is technically false, as we can always win the ACC tournament to get a bid

**also not actually true, as the words “we’re out of beer” will make a grown man cry


There, that feels better.


One Response to “Pick ‘n Pop: Tech loses”

  1. The Northerner Says:

    Also words that will make a man cry:

    1. All we have left is Zima and Bud Light Lime.

    2. We’re out of bacon.

    3. Taco Bell/Sonic/Chipotle closed five minutes ago.

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