Michael Vick’s comeback

Word on the street (ESPN) is that the halfway house that Michael Vick was supposed to go serve the final two months of his 23-month sentence is full and therefore he will be allowed to finish his sentence at his home.

According to ESPN:

The five-bedroom, 3,538-square-foot brick home with an in-ground pool in Hampton is assessed at $748,100, according to city tax records. Vick also owns an interest in a $2 million home being built in Suffolk, bankruptcy court papers show. His eight-bedroom home in suburban Atlanta is scheduled to be sold at auction March 10, with a minimum opening bid of $3.2 million.

That’s a big change from the 8×11′ cell in Kansas he is coming from.

Well I guess this signals his return to the real world and subsequent reentry to the NFL via the Raiders. I won’t get into the politics of the dog fighting situation, except that he should have been forced to stand there whilst one of the dogs gnaws off his junk. But he has served his time, and let’s hope that he is a changed man and only goes up from here.


2 Responses to “Michael Vick’s comeback”

  1. C Gally Says:

    Also different than Levinworth: There’s no big guys named “Bubba” that would like to dance with him.

  2. The Northerner Says:

    I think it’s federally mandated that if you get home imprisonment, you have to have at least one guy named “Bubba” constantly hang out in your shower. But I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer.

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