Hokie Basketball…

So last night’s game against UVA…. Terrell Bell poured in 3 points off the bench… which was 3 points more than anyone else that didn’t start.

You just can’t win many games that way. And we sure as hell had no shot last night. Our team is about as deep as the Alabama gene pool (oh yes, we are starting early).


Let’s rewind for a second, shall we?

…We’ve just come off a big over time win at Miami. We are 14 – 5. What do we need from there to get in? 5 wins?

We play lights out in the first half against #12 Clemson. Are you feeling good? Because we are feeling good enough to hit on that good looking but not intimidatingly hot girl at the end of the bar.

Then her biker boyfriend showed up. It was all over. We drop the Clemson game in monumental Rich-Rodriguez-esque collapse. The next five games are a combination of mud and puke. Sure, we pulled out two ridiculously ugly wins against NC State and Georgia Tech. But we also dropped three winnable games against BC, UVA, and the Twerps.

Would you like to know how our season finishes??

FSU (twice)

With 16 wins, we are at Threat Level: Midnight. We probably need 4 wins now, with those terrible losses to Maryland and UVA. Anyone see 4 wins in there?

Maybe this is the point of Casino Royale where we got cheated. We lost everything. But maybe Felix is waiting in the wings to buy us back in. Is Seth our Felix? Is the NCAA our Vesper? Are these Casino Royale references doing anything for you?

Most likely no, no, and hit or miss.

Good luck boys. You’re going to need it. We’re all going to need it.



2 Responses to “Hokie Basketball…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Live together…die alone.

  2. C Gally Says:

    …slow clap…

    Well effing played.

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