Turtle Power… woof!

So, as I was searching through the internet today, I came across this picture. There might be arguments about animal abuse (and it’s a touchy subject here, you know, with Vick and all – but the dog wasn’t hurt or mistreated, and if you have ever owned a dog, you already know that they have no shame) but there is no way this dog doesn’t feel like a badass when it goes for a walk.

And, of course, he is the best Ninja Turtle of them all, Leonardo (cue the Donatello rebuttals).


6 Responses to “Turtle Power… woof!”

  1. C Gally Says:

    Good lord you are bored.

    And yes, Leonardo is the best one. There is no debate. Donatello wore purple and had a stick. Yeah, he’s going to whoop Rocksteady’s ass with a stick. Right.

  2. The Northerner Says:

    I’m really not that bored. But seeing as how no one, other than me, has posted on this site in forever, I figured I’d throw some funny stuff up there. Just trying to get in the groove of posting more frequently.

    my security word is “pandrog”. is that when a panda mates with a dog? that would be AWESOME.

  3. The Northerner Says:

    Oh and also, I changed the widget on the right to show our bball schedule since the football season is over for awhile. You’re lucky I didnt throw up the red sox schedule for this upcoming year. I was tempted.

  4. C Gally Says:

    I actually think you are lucky you didn’t put up the Red Sox schedule. That would have called for 15 minutes in the closet with Herbert from Family Guy.

  5. The Northerner Says:

    You think if we put up the Pirates schedule it would say “Really? Do you really want the Pirates Schedule? What about a nice Mets schedule instead? Really? Pirates? Fine.”

  6. Mo Gal Says:

    Excuse me, but I feel that this blog is neglecting a very important development in the sports world in the past week……

    no more BYOB at the Preakness.

    Where is the ranting post I’ve been waiting for?

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