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July 31, 2008
Almost there kids…

One month. One month. One month. Just keep repeating that to yourself.

We hope you’ve had a good summer. Wanna know what we did on our summer vacation? We spent it wishing it was September and dreaming of tailgates, grills, and Bumarooski.

And since summer still has about 30 days left, we’ll probably spend the rest of it doing the same thing.

But we are close, people. 30 days until your latest memory of Hokie football won’t be that gregorian-like Jayhawk chant. 30 days until TOTS actually turns a profit. 30 days until drinking in the McComas parking lot isn’t frowned upon (though the officer later admitted that it was kinda funny).


The air around The North End Zone offices is electric.

We are quite pumped for this season, even if it might possibly be a long one football-wise.

We will be ramping up everything around here. We know we slacked a bit last year. So this year, every game will be previewed and recapped. Frank Beamer won’t be able to fart without us making fun of it.

There are a million other places to get the usual stuff. We will be aiming for entertainment.

If you are coming here for information, you might want to put down the Weekly World News and relax. ESPN can give you a take on the info. We will be providing you a view from the fan’s perspective. We are just like you, but with waaaaay too much time on our hands.

There will be rants (mainly about Stinespring). There will be celebrating (mainly when we win despite Stinespring). There will be everything.

We know one guy that’s excited…

(better Offensive Coordinator than Stinespring)


So sit back, enjoy the rest of summer, and rest assured knowing that you’re only a month away from not having to hear about Brett f-ing Favre 24 hours a day*.

*-seriously, can we just shoot him into the sun already?