Cartoon Madness – Final Four

With the passion of a Canadian basketball player, our friend Steve presses on to the Final Four of our Cartoon Thunderdome. Here’s the link to the new poll:


Thanks to another massive number of votes from you, we now have our Final Four for the Cartoon Thunderdome. In the regional finals, Peter jumped out to a huge lead over Doug Funnie, and then withstood a late rally to fend off the Power of the Quail 15-11. Homer had an easier time with Pinky and the Brain, winning convincingly 19-7.

Cartman had to make a valiant comeback over Quagmire to win 15-11, and Optimus Prime knocked off Shredder with another 15-11 score.

So we are now down to four, and now have arguably the greatest discussion among cartoons ever: Who is the better fat man/moron/poor excuse of a husband and father – Peter or Homer? We’ll soon find out as these two goliaths will duke it out with a chance at the National Championship on the line. The other matchup pits young Eric Cartman against Optimus Prime. I love how we got two robots into the semifinals, if you count A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-O’s cardboard costume as being robotic.

I think the committee got it right, as we have 3 #1’s and a #2 (although, when looking back on it, I should have made Optimus Prime a #1 seed, since He-Man kind of sucks). So continue to vote and spread the word, as every vote counts.

#1 Peter Griffin vs.

#1 Homer Simpson

#1 Eric Cartman vs.

#2 Optimus Prime

Again, new survey:


2 Responses to “Cartoon Madness – Final Four”

  1. Randy Says:

    At least you finally realized that your seedings were flawed in the first place. I’m still waiting for an admission from the Selection Committee that they made a mistake by making Beavis and Butthead a #16 seed.

  2. C Gally Says:

    Ok, I will finally admit it: Beavis and Butthead should not have been a #16 seed, happy?

    They should have been unseeded and in the play-in game. They would have gotten destroyed by Greased-up Deaf Guy.

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