Cartoon Madness – Elite 8


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Go figure that Shredder would be the one surviving character from TMNT to move on to the Elite 8. 3 of the 4 turtles made it to the Sweet 16, and all lost, although Michelangelo nearly pulled off a big upset over Max Power. Peter knocked off Raphael and Cartman withstood Leonardo. As predicted by yours truly, the Doug Funnie – Ralph Wiggum battle would be fierce, and when the dust cleared, Bluffington’s finest advanced with a 12-10 win. Finally, Optimus may have proved that this is his tourney to win, pounding The Man With No Name 19-3. With that being said, however, FOX still gets 4 reps into the round of 8.
So we get to the regional finals, with the winners advancing to the Final Four. These should be some pretty sweet matchups, especially Peter vs. Doug. I’d LOVE to see a cartoon episode with these two in the same room, one imagining he’s fighting villains as Quailman, the other reminiscing about the time he went through that Daisy Duke phase (Come here you basketball!).
So below are the matchups. Continue to vote and spread the word. Watch a little baseball too if you have time, or the women’s final four if you’ve chosen that life path.

#1 Peter Griffin
vs. #2 Doug Funnie

#1 Homer Simpson
vs. #7 Pinky and the Brain

#1 Eric Cartman

vs. #3 Glenn Quagmire

#2 Optimus Prime

vs. #8 Shredder

(again, the link to the new survey:


4 Responses to “Cartoon Madness – Elite 8”

  1. C Gally Says:

    Homer looks pretty calm for such a big game. The man has nerves of steel.

  2. Randy Says:

    Does anyone really believe that Doug Funnie or Shredder should be anywhere near the Final Four? Of course not. This thing is clearly rigged. The Nevada Gaming Commission will be starting an investigation any day now.

  3. BDubs Says:

    Doug Funnie is one of the greatest cartoon characters ever. He certainly deserves to be in the final four. What’s questionable is the elite 8 appearance by Pinky and the Brain. I hated those guys – such a horrible show. If Pinky and the Brain take it all, then something is seriously wrong.

    I can see a valid argument for Shredder, since he was one of the most awesome villains in a cartoon, but he is no match for Optimus Prime.

  4. C Gally Says:

    Randy, should I change my official title to “Food Service Manager” like Deniro in “Casino”? You know, just in case…

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