Who’s staying and who’s leaving?

Now that the Virginia Tech 2007-08 football season is complete, we can now look forward to our abundance of talent returning next year…or can we? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Key losses (offense): Josh Morgan, Eddie Royal, Justin Harper, Josh Hyman Carlton Weatherford, Duane Brown, Jud Dunlevy (for all intents and purposes, he will be listed here)

Obviously we are losing a ton of talent at the wide receiver position. Even though most of us will not miss Josh Morgan and his numerous dropped passes, lack of intensity, and horrible blocking, guys like Royal, Harper, and Hyman will be missed because they worked hard and made plays.

Likewise, we lose senior leadership on the offensive line from Duane Brown, although did any of us really think he did much? Seriously, he can be replaced.

So, who is missing from this list? You got it. Both Sean Glennon and Branden Ore will be returning for their finals year at Virginia Tech, even though both are in line to lose their starting positions.

Expect either the two QB system to improve or Tyrod to take complete control of the offense next year. It’s pretty obvious that Glennon needs another year to improve his draft stock, but he seems to choke in the big games, and that just won’t cut it if VT ever wants to make a push to be considered an elite team. Never have we seen a QB who stares down his first option and it is not open, he takes a sack. That is just ridiculous and you will never be successful as a QB if that’s your style

Likewise, my guess is that the coaches will not simply hand Ore the starting job as he has much to prove: 1) Get and stay in shape, 2) Stay out of trouble, 3) Actually start caring about the team instead of himself. What are the odds of all three happening? My guess is slim to none. Speaking of which, does anyone else think Beamer is a bit too lenient? That’s a whole other story, but seriously, how many chances do our “troubled” players get? BLAH! Expect Kenny Lewis, Jr. and Jahre Cheeseman to make a move to other positions (think defensive side of the ball) and redshirt freshmen Darren Evans and Josh Oglesby and true freshman Ryan Williams to dethrone him. However, with Ore coming back, it seems likely that Williams will redshirt (which is a damn shame because he is an AMAZING talent, but we’ll see).

Key losses (defense): Vince Hall , Xavier Adibi , Brandon Flowers , D.J. Parker , Chris Ellis , Barry Booker , Carlton Powell

The losses on the defensive side of the ball are simply unreal. Lucky for us, shortly after Macho Harris said he would go to the NFL, he decided to stay another year . However, you can NEVER, and I mean, NEVER replace a Vince Hall or Xavier Adibi. Not only were they just freaks of nature on the field, they were also leaders of the defense.

We lose a lot on the defensive front line, but Hokies, do not worry! We have guys like Jason Worilds, John Graves, and Nekos Brown who will do an excellent job, and quite possibly even BETTER than the guys this year. So, no worries here.

What can we say about Hall and Adibi? Seriously, this is where we should worry. We do have Cam Martin coming back, which will be nice and Brett Warren should do a good job filling in for Hall, but who is going to take Adibi’s spot? This is a big, BIG concern. However, like I said, you can not replace a Vince Hall or Xavier Adibi. This will be a position to monitor during the spring.

Our secondary received a huge boost when Macho decided he would return for another year. Like most Hokies, I thought he needed another year to develop his technique, as he relies on his athleticism too much. Next year he will be our shutdown corner and also be used on special teams and offense – he should be really special. However, we are losing Flowers and Parker, which will definitely sting just a bit. Look for Rashad Carmichael, Stephan Virgil, or Cris Hill to step in and be our boundary corner while sophomore Davon Morgan will step in for D.J. Parker. Our secondary has holes, but it has a whole lot of talent as well. We’ll see what happens.

So, there you have it. Lot’s of things going on with the Virginia Tech football team. Might I add that we are bringing in our best recruiting class ever and don’t be surprised if a few of them play this year. There are a lot of questions to be answered during the spring and it should be fun to watch! Still, expect to see the Hokies in the ACC title game next year, and may even have the talent to win it. See you next year!

7 Responses to “Who’s staying and who’s leaving?”

  1. C Gally Says:

    I believe you missed the tag “Vince Hall owns your soul”.

    He is mentioned in this post. you know the rules…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The saying is ” for all intents and purposes”, not “for all intensive purposes”. Great site!!

  3. BDubs Says:

    Thank you both. Not sure where my head was when I didn’t include the tag “Vince Hall owns your soul” and saying “for all intensive purposes.” Thanks for viewing our site!

  4. C Gally Says:

    seriously Barry, pick it up. Who the hell runs this site anyways?

    …oh yeah…

  5. kilgore trout Says:

    No chance that Kenny Lewis gets moved to defense. I like Cheeseman to take his carries, but neither will move. Williams will redshirt… no way he plays this early with that many backs on the team. Chris Hill will likely win the corner battle vacated by Flowers. Zach Luckett has star potential at WR. The DL will be smaller but I think your right in saying that they may be better…Worilds and Graves will be all over the opposing QB’s.

  6. Hokie Guru Says:

    To more our offense forward, we need to take away Sean Glennon’s athletic schlorship and convert it to a graduate assistant scholarship…


    Hokie Guru


  7. joseph h Says:

    I thought you guys were done with not posting for a month?

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