Orange Bowl Bound!!!

Much more to come later, but just to whet the appetite, here is a list of drinks that can be made with oranges/orange juice:

Blue Whip (Cocktail. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Orange vodka, Blue Curacao, Orange juice, Sprite, Ice, Orange

Mary’s Dream (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Light rum, Triple sec, Orange juice, Orange bitters, Orange

Abbey Cocktail (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Gin, Orange bitters, Orange, Cherry

Absinthe Curacao Frappe (Other/Unknown. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Absinthe, Curacao, Lemon juice, Orange juice, Orange

Aqua Fodie (Other/Unknown. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Gin, Blue Curacao, Orange juice, Ice, Orange, Cherry

Blue Wave (Punch / Party Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Hpnotiq, White wine, Orange juice, Ginger ale, Apple, Grapes, Orange, Kiwi

Campari Milkshake (Milk / Float / Shake. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Milk, Orange juice, Campari, Ice, Orange

Chapala (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Tequila, Triple sec, Grenadine, Orange juice, Lemon juice, Orange

Eskimo Joe’s drink (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Pineapple, Lemon, Apple, Orange, Ice, Yoghurt, Orange juice, Malibu rum

Good Morning To You My Love (Ordinary Drink. Non alcoholic.)Ingredients: Orange, Lime, Apple, Orange juice, Apple juice, Whipping cream, Ice

Heartbreaker’s Special (Cocktail. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Vodka, Passoa, Pineapple juice, Orange juice, Orange, Ice

Irish Spring (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Irish whiskey, Peach brandy, Orange juice, Sweet and sour, Orange, Cherry

Johnny on the beach (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Vodka, Orange juice, Bitter lemon, Ice, Orange

Jungle Boogie Punch (Punch / Party Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Brown sugar, Orange, Water, Light rum, Dark rum, Pineapple juice, Mango juice, Orange juice, Lime, Pineapple, Mango, Orange, Nutmeg

Mai Tai, Michael’s Ultimate (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Lime, Dark rum, Light rum, Orange liqueur, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple juice, Sugar

Mandarin Dream (Cocktail. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Absolut Mandrin, Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Orange

Meiner (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Gin, Orange juice, Orange, Campari

Oklahoma Tropical Twister (Punch / Party Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Cream of coconut, Pineapple juice, Orange juice, Grenadine, Spiced rum, Orange, Pineapple, Maraschino cherry

Orange Blossom (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Gin, Orange juice, Sugar, Orange

P.T.O. (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)Ingredients: Dark rum, Vodka, Triple sec, Orange juice, Orange


3 Responses to “Orange Bowl Bound!!!”

  1. The D-i-P Says:

    Did anyone notice that BC fell all the way to the ACC bowl #4 (the champs sports bowl)

  2. Joseph H. Says:

    Thank you Corey for all the drinks that I can have legally

  3. BDubs Says:

    I predicted BC to fall down to the Champs after they lost to us. Here is why:

    1) They are not exactly a hot team after the ACCCG,
    2) They bring a grand total of 7 fans to each away game, one of them being Doug Flutie, and
    3) Everyone was tired of the Matt Ryan hype, so they tossed them in a bowl with Michigan State so no one could watch him

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