Another group of UVA seniors graduate without a win over Tech

There is nothing like beating UVA. Nothing. From the stadium having 40% Hokies to the crushing of their ACC dreams, Saturday was just spectacular. Not that we didn’t all almost have heart attacks when we were losing, but still.

First off: WE BLOCKED A FREAKING PUNT. Anyone else jump up and down on their couch? Blocking punts is the bees knees (yeah, I said it). Granted we got a whole field goal out of it. But it was still awesome.

Hey, does anyone know who started UVA? I could really use an inspirational quote from whoever it might be.

This two quarterback thing is great. Can it really be… are the players not letting their egos get in way of a good gameplan?

That’s another thing: Stinespring has been impressive. We’re still settling for field goals because of offensive stalls, and the reverse was a TERRIBLE call. But the offense looks 10 times better than before. I can’t believe those words are coming out of my mouth.

The D is beastly as always. Vince Hall is my hero, replacing Leonardo.

As for the ACC Championship Game, we’re there. That was step one. The goal of this season (for non-delusional people) was to win the ACC. No matter what happened during the regular season, we’d have to win this game to make a BCS bowl. So we’re there.

I think we are going to win. We have the momentum, Hall and Tyrod back, and there will be twice as many Hokies in Jacksonville as Eagles.

So here we go. You want to call Tech an elite program? Elite programs win these games year in and year out. Let’s make it happen.


PS – Thoughts and prayers to all Skins fans out there and Sean’s family. Redskins fans (as much as they annoy me) are some of the best fans in the NFL.


3 Responses to “Another group of UVA seniors graduate without a win over Tech”

  1. A. Young Says:

    The guy who started UVA was Thomas Jefferson. Where have I heard that name before? 3rd grade U.S. history? Well, anyways, Edgar Allen Poe also went there.

  2. C Gally Says:

    I think I may have also heard that name once or twice during the telecast. Though I can’t remember if it was between every down or every other down.

  3. BDubs Says:

    Oh wow, you are really telling me that Thomas Jefferson went to UVA? Man, before this article and Young’s comment, I would have never known.

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