Welcome to the Turkeydome


That’s right folks, it is time for the greatest holiday every invented (have you thanked a pilgrim/Squanto today?). Four days of turkey, football, naps, beer, pie, football, turkey, and exactly zero stress. Want to lay on the couch all day? Guess what, that’s what you are required to do! Abe Lincoln made it so.

No month long prep time, not too much planning. Just grab a turkey and make it happen (I still don’t know how it happens. My mom and grandma go into the kitchen, and 5 hours later we eat).

You also need to make sure to bring your football gloves for the family game. It’s the one time a year I get to show my dominance as eldest grandchild.

Then there’s the tv football, played by people slightly better than me (only slightly, only slightly). The NFL games are sure to be as boring as always (though I’ll still watch of course), but rivalry week in college is just spectacular.

So Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and do your best to claim the recliner first thing every morning.

3 Responses to “Welcome to the Turkeydome”

  1. Joseph H. Says:

    I’m pretty sure I was the MVP last year, and the rest of the Hegeman’s need to know who won.

  2. BDubs Says:

    Of course Corey would embellish a bit on his dominance in family football…

  3. C Gally Says:

    I own house. I am an offensive genius.

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