Getting used to this beating teams from Florida thing is pretty sweet

Just a few notes from these past 2 weekends:

When was the last time a team took down Florida State and Miami in a season, and when was the last time a team took them down on consecutive weekends? (My guess, Florida at some point for the former, and I doubt the latter has ever happened.)

Blacksburg is WAY too far from Northern Virginia (do you capitalize “Northern”?). Can we relocate the Burg… or northern Virginia (switching it up on ya)?

Miami’s defense is awful. 44 points… for us???? What is going on?

This will be the most painful sentence I have ever written… I liked the offensive play calling by Stinespring… I just threw up a little.

“Turn the Page” by Bob Seger is officially my favorite song ever.

After deciding to root for Clemson at the beginning of their game against BC, I am now happy that BC won. Not only can we get another crack at them (if we beat UVA, of course*) with a healthy Tyrod and Vince Hall, but they looked like a blind high school’s JV team.

*I don’t want to go on a rant here, but why is it not ok for fans to look ahead? Every time I talk about a game further on in the schedule, someone always says, “We just need to concentrate on (insert next opponent).” No, the coaches and players need to concentrate on this week. It’s not like they’ll play any better if I focus on it with all my might.

Interceptions at Lane are just incredible. I would say the place goes even crazier for an INT than for the entrance.

What the hell does “rant” mean?

Yelling at someone for drunkenly falling into your friends three times is AWESOME.

Ok, so 5 years ago, someone tells you that in 2007, Virginia Tech and UVA would play to see who goes to the then non-existent ACC championship game. How many times doyou slap him in the face?

Well that’s it for this weekend. We’ll have a Thanksgiving preview later in the week (not of the games, of my Thanksgiving. Sure to be great). And no, you cannot have you last 10 minutes back.


7 Responses to “Getting used to this beating teams from Florida thing is pretty sweet”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What are your thoughts about the use of the QB’s and how would you like to see them used against Virginia?

  2. Corey Says:

    You know, I personally like using the two quarterbacks, so long as it is done right. If the guys can be mature and realize that its not a competition, then it can be great. When you run it like we did with Marcus and Randall, you start getting into egos and locker room chemistry.

    I’m not too familiar with UVA’s defense, but I would love to see the QB position run just like Miami. Glennon’s a better passer; Tyrod is a better runner. Swap them in and out and keep the defense on their heels.

    Then when Tyrod goes for the throw or Glennon takes off on a run, its just one more wrinkle for them to worry about.

    I don’t know the guys personalities at all, but if they can set their egos aside, I think we could become, dare I say, an offensive juggernaut.

    Seemed to work well for Florida.

  3. MadJay Says:

    Mad Jay here over at TechSuperfans. I have to disagree with you on this one. I think the team needs a leader.

    The reason is that, sure everything looks good as long as the team is winning, but what do you do if the team loses? How do you determine accountability at the QB position? Wait until then to decide if this is a good move because I think that’s the type of finger pointing that occurs that destroys team chemistry and splits locker rooms, even if both QB’s have the ability to handle the situation with class and maturity.

    I also don’t agree that Glennon is a better passer. He may be better at reading defenses right now, but in terms of ability to throw the ball better, it isn’t even close – Taylor has more zip, a better deep ball and more accurate all the way around.

    The way I look at it, the FSU game you can put all on Taylor’s shoulders as to the offensive performance. The Miami game on the other hand, which was mostly Glennon’s show, no one is saying, “wow Sean carried the offense”.

    I love having Glennon as a backup, but I sure do wish that’s what he was instead of co-starter. That’s the difference. At Florida, Chris Leak was the definitive starter and Tebow was situational. That’s not what VT is doing here.

  4. C Gally Says:

    Fair enough, I can see where you’re coming from. As fans, it’s tough to know who is the leader in the locker room when it’s not apparent on the field. Many teams have an offensive tackle as their team leader.

    I don’t mind the QB not being sigular, but only if the team is ready for it. Are we mature enough to know the situation, or will every game be like 2003? That’s what we really don’t know as fans.

    Tyrod may be a better thrower, but he is not yet a better passer. Like you said, Glennon can read defenses better, etc. Next year will be completely different, as Tyrod will have a year experience under his belt.

    Our QBs are no where near as good as Tebow and Leak, but I still think the philosphy and theory behind their two quarterback system can be applied elsewhere if the team is willing to buy into it.

    And as we all know, our players are oh so mature… right… anyone?

  5. C Gally Says:

    PS – Liking the cross-blog hotness.

  6. MadJay Says:

    I think this is actually setting us up for a bad situation in 2008. How do the coaches bench Glennon for TT next year? Don’t you think they try this same stunt all next season?

    You and I might agree that Taylor will be far and above the more complete QB in 2008, but I think what the coaches are doing now is setting the team up for a divided locker room in ’08. The coaches are either going to pull this same stunt and the team (which I expect to back Taylor wholeheartedly) is going to be pissed that the coaches are still splitting his starting role with Glennon. Or the coaches will make (what they should be doing right now) the right move and Taylor will be the definitive starter in ’08 and then there will be a small contingent of players who back Glennon and can’t understand why he doesn’t get to at least be the co-starter in his redshirt senior year. Either way it’s a chemistry issue in the locker room and it GRAVELY concerns me.

    Regarding cross blog-hotness, you guys are also always welcome over at TSF.


  7. C Gally Says:

    I agree that it may cause trouble next year, but I’m tired of waiting for next year. There will be a controversy one way or the other, so unless one of the two leave, there’s going to be a controversy. Too bad you can’t trade in college football.

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