Charlie Weis owes me $50 (and other thoughts on the weekend)

I root for Notre Dame in one game each year. I want them to go 1-11. Blasphemy, I know. I should be rooting for them to lose at all times. Why am I so crazy?

Three years ago, a simple bet was made between myself and a Midshipman. I bet him $50 that a 16-seed would beat a 1-seed before Navy beat Notre Dame. A fun bet, no doubt. The rule was that it would span a sports year (Fall through Summer).

So why does Charlie Weis owe me those lost $50? Let me give the situation:

  • Tie game
  • 45 seconds left
  • You have the ball at the other team’s 21 yard line
  • 4th and 8
  • You have the ball at the other team’s 21 FREAKING YARD LINE!!!!!

You have to be mentally deficient to not kick a field goal at that point. I’m not saying he was going to make it for sure, but you have to take the chance!! You for sure have a better chance to make 3 points to WIN THE GAME than convert a 4th and 8 for zero points.

You have to question everything that Weis thinks he knows about the game of football. I’m not usually one to second guess, but are you kidding me? I hate you even more than ever Notre Dame. Lose every game by 50 forever.

Other than that, congrats Navy. You have had more big wins in the past 10 years than the Irish. Their best win is still a loss to USC.

Other thoughts from this weekend?

Michigan and Michigan State was on ABC and ESPN in New Jersey this weekend. Apparently there wasn’t enough mediocre football to go around.

Wasn’t there a Big Ten Network made so we didn’t have to watch Northwestern and Iowa on ESPN?

Darren McFadden is inhuman (an Irish… maybe not). How hard is it to be his coach? “Hand off… left this time.”

LSU players have to be the toughest in the country. How many close games are they going to win this season?

Stupid UVA.

Real glad FSU is all fired up for their season after beating BC. Can’t wait to take them down a peg on Saturday.

USF is just not that good.

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh should never ever be televised, even locally. What was their pull, 500 viewers? Add that to those in attendance, and you might break 576.

Real glad I have Adrian Peterson on my 3 fantasy teams.

Kansas looks legit, and they’ve earned their ranking. But I still think they get smoked by Texas, and definitely by Oklahoma.

Charlie Weis sucks. And he owes me $50.

So it was a good weekend. I still have the coming March for a 16-seed to pull a victory. Let’s go Hampton!!!


3 Responses to “Charlie Weis owes me $50 (and other thoughts on the weekend)”

  1. A. Young Says:

    I have to admit, I was one of those 576 viewers, but only for 20 minutes. I was watching a guy I played ball with. It was a GREAT weekend for the Tartans. Our football team beat the Bethany Bison AND our self-driven robot truck beat Stanford and Virginia Tech in the DARPA Urban Challenge. Front page of CMU’s website:
    We are such nerds.

  2. C Gally Says:

    In that comment you mentioned robots, Bethany College, CMU, Virginia Tech, and DARPA Urban Challenge. I’d like to make fun of you, but really, my hat goes off.

  3. BDubs Says:

    How many fantasy football leagues are you in, Corey? 4? If so, then in that 4th league, who has Adrian Peterson? 😉

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