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Another group of UVA seniors graduate without a win over Tech

November 28, 2007

There is nothing like beating UVA. Nothing. From the stadium having 40% Hokies to the crushing of their ACC dreams, Saturday was just spectacular. Not that we didn’t all almost have heart attacks when we were losing, but still.

First off: WE BLOCKED A FREAKING PUNT. Anyone else jump up and down on their couch? Blocking punts is the bees knees (yeah, I said it). Granted we got a whole field goal out of it. But it was still awesome.

Hey, does anyone know who started UVA? I could really use an inspirational quote from whoever it might be.

This two quarterback thing is great. Can it really be… are the players not letting their egos get in way of a good gameplan?

That’s another thing: Stinespring has been impressive. We’re still settling for field goals because of offensive stalls, and the reverse was a TERRIBLE call. But the offense looks 10 times better than before. I can’t believe those words are coming out of my mouth.

The D is beastly as always. Vince Hall is my hero, replacing Leonardo.

As for the ACC Championship Game, we’re there. That was step one. The goal of this season (for non-delusional people) was to win the ACC. No matter what happened during the regular season, we’d have to win this game to make a BCS bowl. So we’re there.

I think we are going to win. We have the momentum, Hall and Tyrod back, and there will be twice as many Hokies in Jacksonville as Eagles.

So here we go. You want to call Tech an elite program? Elite programs win these games year in and year out. Let’s make it happen.


PS – Thoughts and prayers to all Skins fans out there and Sean’s family. Redskins fans (as much as they annoy me) are some of the best fans in the NFL.

Game preview: Virginia Tech vs Virginia

November 23, 2007

Alright, folks, here we are again. One year removed from the 17-0 Hokies domination over the Hoos. It’s neither here nor there, but let us all be reminded that last year, UVA didn’t even cross midfield! Quite a performance, but then again, it’s not very hard to make UVA look like a bunch of creampuffs. Of course the trash talking comes with this matchup, and especially this year since the game is worth so much. So, here is what we can expect.

UVA – Sporting the nifty picnic style of tailgating, the Hoos offer a variety of delectable treats that range from caviar and sardines to Zima and Smirnoff Ice. How can you go wrong? Standing pretty in their coats and ties and pretty little dresses, the Cavaliers tailgating scene reminds me a lot of being at the Preakness. Maybe the Hoos will put prize horse Street Sense in the game.

VT – Let’s be real. The Hokies certainly know how to put together a tailgate. After attending numerous away game tailgates, it is quite obvious that not only do we know how to travel, but we know how to tailgate. Take your pick: chicken, steak, barbecue, BEER, LIQUOR, etc., etc., etc. There is no other way to say this…Hoos, get a notepad and learn from your neighbors.

Advantage: Hokies.

UVA – OK, so we have to give props to Jameel Sewell. Quite frankly, he deserves mention of the ACC MVP. He certainly is not the best player by any means, but he is most certainly the most valuable player on that squad. He has made countless plays to help UVA get into position to win most of their ballgames. Converted wide receiver Mikell Simpson has done an admirable job in his past four games, racking up nearly 400 yards. The big point of emphasis that needs to be made is this…WHO HAVE THEY PLAYED?? Answer? NO ONE!

VT – Is Branden Ore ready to have his coming out party? For whatever reason, it seems like Saturday is the time. He is firing on all cylinders and finally looks healthy. Sean Glennon will lead the way in our passing attack while Tyrod Taylor will certainly keep the UVA offense honest with his dangerous arm and legs. Justin Harper is simply a man on a mission and the rest of his partners will certainly get the job done. The Hokies have put up 350+ yards in each of the last 3 games and we shouldn’t expect any less against UVA.

Advantage: Hokies.

UVA – Chris Long. Yikes! This man is absolutely ferocious. We should expect to see many double teams as the son of Howie Long will be quite a task to handle. On the other side, Jeffrey Fitzgerald is also putting together a very nice season. Together, those two will be a force to reckon with on the edges and the Hokies have to be careful because one blind side hit and we easily turn it over. Outside of that, the Hoos have a good core of linebackers, but their secondary is poor. The Hoos actually are ranked in the top 10 in points allowed, but again, who have they played?

VT – Umm…is this really necessary? We all know the type of defense we have. Chris Ellis is a man on fire, while we have one of the best trios of linebackers to go along with our elite corners in Brandon Flowers and Macho Harris. Since the stumbling at LSU, the Hokies have never looked back and have peaked at the right time. While we shouldn’t expect the Hokies to keep the Hoos from crossing midfield, they should easily hold the UVA offense in check.

Advantage: Hokies.

Special Teams
UVA – Outside of Chris Gould (PK) and Ryan Weigand (P), the Cavs really don’t impose much of a threat on special teams.

VT – Eddie Royal. He broke the record for all-time punt return yards in the ACC and will continue to extend his record. As always, Jud Dunlevy will pretty much make any field goal and Bowden will average around 45 yards a punt.

Advantage: Hokies.

Game Outlook
This will be the 89th meeting between the two teams and the game has NEVER been more important than this one. While the emotion advantage goes to UVA, it certainly will not be enough. Tech is too fast, too athletic, and has played a much tougher schedule. To be quite honest, this game shouldn’t be close, but if it is, then the Cavs stand a good chance. However, expect the Hokies to roll over the Cavs and punch their ticket to Jacksonville where they will get a rematch with Boston College.

Fearless Score Predictions
BDubs: 35-14
CGally: 28 – 10
BBull: 31 – 10
Steve: 24 – 20*
Dip: 24 – 20*
Tim: 21 – 20
Lady Gally: 24 – 17
Papa Wilhelm: 28-7
Papa Gally: 28 – 14


Welcome to the Turkeydome

November 21, 2007

That’s right folks, it is time for the greatest holiday every invented (have you thanked a pilgrim/Squanto today?). Four days of turkey, football, naps, beer, pie, football, turkey, and exactly zero stress. Want to lay on the couch all day? Guess what, that’s what you are required to do! Abe Lincoln made it so.

No month long prep time, not too much planning. Just grab a turkey and make it happen (I still don’t know how it happens. My mom and grandma go into the kitchen, and 5 hours later we eat).

You also need to make sure to bring your football gloves for the family game. It’s the one time a year I get to show my dominance as eldest grandchild.

Then there’s the tv football, played by people slightly better than me (only slightly, only slightly). The NFL games are sure to be as boring as always (though I’ll still watch of course), but rivalry week in college is just spectacular.

So Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and do your best to claim the recliner first thing every morning.

Getting used to this beating teams from Florida thing is pretty sweet

November 19, 2007

Just a few notes from these past 2 weekends:

When was the last time a team took down Florida State and Miami in a season, and when was the last time a team took them down on consecutive weekends? (My guess, Florida at some point for the former, and I doubt the latter has ever happened.)

Blacksburg is WAY too far from Northern Virginia (do you capitalize “Northern”?). Can we relocate the Burg… or northern Virginia (switching it up on ya)?

Miami’s defense is awful. 44 points… for us???? What is going on?

This will be the most painful sentence I have ever written… I liked the offensive play calling by Stinespring… I just threw up a little.

“Turn the Page” by Bob Seger is officially my favorite song ever.

After deciding to root for Clemson at the beginning of their game against BC, I am now happy that BC won. Not only can we get another crack at them (if we beat UVA, of course*) with a healthy Tyrod and Vince Hall, but they looked like a blind high school’s JV team.

*I don’t want to go on a rant here, but why is it not ok for fans to look ahead? Every time I talk about a game further on in the schedule, someone always says, “We just need to concentrate on (insert next opponent).” No, the coaches and players need to concentrate on this week. It’s not like they’ll play any better if I focus on it with all my might.

Interceptions at Lane are just incredible. I would say the place goes even crazier for an INT than for the entrance.

What the hell does “rant” mean?

Yelling at someone for drunkenly falling into your friends three times is AWESOME.

Ok, so 5 years ago, someone tells you that in 2007, Virginia Tech and UVA would play to see who goes to the then non-existent ACC championship game. How many times doyou slap him in the face?

Well that’s it for this weekend. We’ll have a Thanksgiving preview later in the week (not of the games, of my Thanksgiving. Sure to be great). And no, you cannot have you last 10 minutes back.

Hokies win laugher

November 18, 2007

Not much to report here. For once, our offense was able to win the game for us. Aside from the brief 2nd-3rd quarter stint where Miami was able to generate some momentum, Virginia Tech played its best football all season. Maybe it’s just me, but yesterday’s 44-14 thrashing of Miami was the best game the Hokies have played collectively all year. It has been a positive trend every week since BC, starting with the massacre at GT, the beat down over FSU, and finally this spanking on senior night over UM. So let’s get down to it, shall we?

MVP: Branden Ore
So this is what it feels like to have a somewhat exciting offense! This is our third consecutive game where the offense has put up more than 350 yards, all performances against stout defenses. Branden Ore had his best game all year, as he plowed over a defender each time he scored, which by the way was twice. Sean Glennon was efficient, but he was bailed out numerous times by our outstanding receivers, especially Justin Harper and Josh Hyman; both had AMAZING catches! Our line looked very good, giving Glennon time to throw and creating holes for Ore to hit. Surprising nothing to report on Super T, as he didn’t play much after being banged up.

MVP: Barry Booker
The Hokies were way too fast and they got to Kyle Wright early and often. This defensive unit has rebounded quite nicely since LSU and they should continue their success next week at UVA. Vince Hall returned and had a team high 13 tackles, while Barry Booker wreaked havoc, accumulating three sacks and forcing a fumble in the game. Chris Ellis has also come a long way, folks, and he was dominant yet again.

Special Teams
MVP: Eddie Royal
Congratulations are in order to Mr. Royal. During the game, he moved into first place all-time in the ACC for punt return yards. Aside from that, Mr. Dunlevy was outstanding again, connecting on all three of his field goal attempts while Bowden had a net punting average of 43.7 yards.

Game thoughts…
Like it was said, this was clearly the best game the Hokies have played all season. They continue to get better and grow as a team. It’s tough to envision any scenario where the Hokies lose to UVA, but that could also be the bias in me. The Hokies have really hit their stride at the right moment and that spells bad news for the Cavaliers. Early prediction for next week: VT 35, UVA 14

Virginia Tech vs. Miami Who?

November 16, 2007

That’s right boys and girls, this week we feature a titanic match-up between two ferocious teams: Virginia Tech and…and um…um…oh, right, Miami, whose name is being forgotten much like their season needs to be. It’s no secret that the Hokies are huge favorites (nearly 17) this Saturday and for good reason. The Hokies are firing on all cylinders while Miami is trying to muster up any sort of spark to get the team going.

Breaking it Down

Hurricane offense: Miami has no offense. Leading rusher Graig Cooper is likely out and Kirby Freeman and Kyle Wright have a combined 12 TDs and 18 INTs on the season while their offensive line has given up 17 sacks.

Hokie offense: The running game is getting a little better, although it is still poor. Tyrod and Glennon have a combined 11 TDs and only 4 INTs on the season. Of course, the line has still given up 35 sacks on the year, but they are playing a lot better now. And then you have our playmaker receivers and the running ability of Tyrod.

Advantage: Hokies

Hurricane defense: This unit is pretty strong, ranking in the upper half of the NCAA in many defensive statistics. Miami actually plays defense similar to the FSU defense, playing lots of man to man defense. The Canes have a solid defense, but their motivation is still questionable. If UVA can put up 48 points on those guys, then the Hokies should have no problem taking it in for 6 many times.

Hokie defense: The Hokies defense has been dominant since their debacle against LSU. Even more good news comes this week when Vince Hall returns to the field. We should all feel sorry for the first guy he hits – it’s going to be earth shattering! Regardless, the Hokies have tons of playmakers in Chris Ellis, Victor Harris, Brandon Flowers, and Xavier Adibi that will eat the Hurricanes alive.

Advantage: Hokies

Hurricane special teams: Nothing really special here. They average right around 20 yards per kickoff return and around 5 yards per punt return. Punter Matt Bosher averages 38.3 yards per kick and kicker Francesco Zampogna is 9/14 on his FG attempts this year. Overall, nothing really eye-popping about this unit. Nothing to see here, move along.

Hokie special teams: Well, this is Beamerball, so we know what we have. Brent Bowden has been excellent with his punts, maintaining an average of 42 yards per punt, while Jud Dunlevy has been spectacular all season with field goals. We would all like to see Eddie Royal break one in his final home game or see the Hokies block a kick; however, we can be confident that our special teams are lightyears ahead of the Hurricanes.

Advantage: Hokies

The list could go on and on, but we’ll let the players do the talking for us. The contest shouldn’t be close as the seniors play their last game in Lane Stadium.

Fearless predictions
Bdubs: 30-10
CGally: 27-6

Bull: 28-7
Steve: 27-13
Dip: 34-10
Lady Gally: 35-7
Random person in my apartment complex: 13-5??? (Is it baseball season?)

Bowden has deja vu; Taylor the man

November 12, 2007

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to the year 2000 where Virginia Tech is taking on the almighty Florida State. Even though the Hokies lost that game, Bobby Bowden was introduced to an amazing athlete named Michael Vick (yes, the name is repulsive right now, but he really was talented) who accumulated 322 yards of total offense and 2 touchdowns.

Fast forward seven years and another match up between the two teams. This time, Big Poppa Bowden is introduced to another Hampton athlete: Tyrod Taylor. He’s experiencing deja vu all over again, except the ‘Noles lost this one 40-21. This time, the star QB put up 296 yards of total offense and 3 touchdowns.

How’s that for classic irony? Bowden must have been living a nightmare in that football game because there was nothing he could do but watch.

Mr. Taylor is quite amazing. He put this team on his shoulders and got the W. Need proof? It’s the 4th quarter when the Hokies have a 3rd and goal at the 3 and Taylor looks to the coaches, pointed to his chest and said “I got it, let me take care of it!” Sure enough, on the very next play, Taylor scampered into the end zone for six (

What’s the point of all this? It’s because the kid has “IT” – not bad for an 18 year old freshman, huh? He dominated an extremely fast and talented defense and didn’t melt after he was picked off for a TD. In fact, he got BETTER. That takes guts and like it was just said, he is only a freshman!

The Hokies have their QB and shouldn’t even consider a two QB system. However, we aren’t the coaches, and most likely we will still have that system; how long, however, is another question. Regardless, Taylor is obviously for real and by the time he leaves Virginia Tech, he may be better than MV1.

How Will the Hokies Finish?

November 7, 2007

Everyone fully recovered from the BC loss? After the huge win over GT, the team made it known they were and that there would be no late season meltdown the Hokies have accustomed themselves to over the past decade. So, how do the Hokies finish?

Next up: FSU – For whatever reason, fans keep bringing up the fact we haven’t beaten Bowden’s Noles in over 30 years. What they forget is that we haven’t played them every year for the past 30 years; just three times, all of which were played outside of Lane Stadium. This game means a lot, no doubt, but it wouldn’t hurt to lose it – Ws over Miami and UVA in following weeks would be enough to get us to the ACC title game. That being said, FSU has plenty of playmakers and Weatherford has already shown that when he gets hot, it can be trouble for opposing teams. Regardless, if the Hokies of GT can show up this week, it will be good night Seminoles. Protection of the QB, Pass rush, and Protection of the football will win us the game. Let’s see if Stiney is given full control of the offense again this week. Last week, Beamer gave him full control (something he has never had) and look what happened. Let’s see if there is a repeat. VT – 23, FSU – 10

On deck: Miami – Let’s get it straight. This team looks AWFUL. It really wouldn’t surprise me to see the Canes lose to BooVA this weekend in the last game ever at the Orange Bowl. You think they regret firing Coker yet? Bottom line: Vince Hall will be back against these guys and it will be this awesome group of seniors’ last game in Lane Stadium and there is no scenario where they should lose. Miami is lost and they will be no closer to being found when they make the trip to Blacksburg. VT – 24, UM – 7

In the hole: Virginia – OK, so this game is getting bigger by the weekend and by the time the Hokies visit Charlottesville, the Coastal Division may be up for grabs. Don’t get me wrong, UVA has gotten as many breaks as one could possibly get with out thinking the refs are throwing the games, but this game might actually be worth something. I wonder how Al Groh was able to get the college football gods on his side like this? Prediction: The Hokies are too fast and will already be on a roll having crushed the state of Florida 47-17. By this time, the OLine should be at least steady and the defense will be at its peak while Tyrod is finally feeling what it’s like to decimate the fragile, wine and cheese eating Hoos. While the Hokies cruise into the ACC title, the Hoos are left wondering what they should pack for Boise. Coat and ties get crushed, but by then Groh’s job is at least safe for another five years! VT – 35, Pansies – 10

Charlie Weis owes me $50 (and other thoughts on the weekend)

November 6, 2007

I root for Notre Dame in one game each year. I want them to go 1-11. Blasphemy, I know. I should be rooting for them to lose at all times. Why am I so crazy?

Three years ago, a simple bet was made between myself and a Midshipman. I bet him $50 that a 16-seed would beat a 1-seed before Navy beat Notre Dame. A fun bet, no doubt. The rule was that it would span a sports year (Fall through Summer).

So why does Charlie Weis owe me those lost $50? Let me give the situation:

  • Tie game
  • 45 seconds left
  • You have the ball at the other team’s 21 yard line
  • 4th and 8
  • You have the ball at the other team’s 21 FREAKING YARD LINE!!!!!

You have to be mentally deficient to not kick a field goal at that point. I’m not saying he was going to make it for sure, but you have to take the chance!! You for sure have a better chance to make 3 points to WIN THE GAME than convert a 4th and 8 for zero points.

You have to question everything that Weis thinks he knows about the game of football. I’m not usually one to second guess, but are you kidding me? I hate you even more than ever Notre Dame. Lose every game by 50 forever.

Other than that, congrats Navy. You have had more big wins in the past 10 years than the Irish. Their best win is still a loss to USC.

Other thoughts from this weekend?

Michigan and Michigan State was on ABC and ESPN in New Jersey this weekend. Apparently there wasn’t enough mediocre football to go around.

Wasn’t there a Big Ten Network made so we didn’t have to watch Northwestern and Iowa on ESPN?

Darren McFadden is inhuman (an Irish… maybe not). How hard is it to be his coach? “Hand off… left this time.”

LSU players have to be the toughest in the country. How many close games are they going to win this season?

Stupid UVA.

Real glad FSU is all fired up for their season after beating BC. Can’t wait to take them down a peg on Saturday.

USF is just not that good.

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh should never ever be televised, even locally. What was their pull, 500 viewers? Add that to those in attendance, and you might break 576.

Real glad I have Adrian Peterson on my 3 fantasy teams.

Kansas looks legit, and they’ve earned their ranking. But I still think they get smoked by Texas, and definitely by Oklahoma.

Charlie Weis sucks. And he owes me $50.

So it was a good weekend. I still have the coming March for a 16-seed to pull a victory. Let’s go Hampton!!!

Just Awesomeness

November 2, 2007

A few thoughts on the Georgia Tech drubbing:

What offense was that? Its like we were calling actual football plays. Wide receivers ran past the first down markers on third down and everything! It was great!

There is nothing better than seeing empty seats during road games.

The onside kick: I can’t believe we called for it, and I can’t believe we recovered it. Further legitimizing my push for Jud Dunleavy, MVP.

The jersey thing was hilarious. Felt like old sandlot football. When can we get one of those at Tech Bookstore?

Was anyone else still nervous when we were up 24-3? I think last year’s bowl game may have long lasting effects.

Superman went as Victor “Macho” Harris for Halloween.

Just remember, we still have to win out to make it to the ACC Championship for another shot at BC. Two huge home games are coming up. Let’s make it terrible for the state of Florida. GO HOKIES!!