Bye Weeks Suck

If there is one thing that this week has taught me, its that bye weeks are just terrible, terrible things. My Steelers were off last week, so no reading there. The Hokies are off this coming weekend, which means pretty much nothing to look forward to on Saturday.

As for last Saturday, well, it was just awesome. All kinds of upsets, all kinds of fun. College football is so awesome this year. We just need all the sportswriters over the age of 60 to get bedridden and stop writting about sports.

Things that only happen when you play Duke:

  • You are shocked to find out on Wednesday that the game is actually televised.
  • Prior to your game, there’s an informercial for the Human Fund (or something like it).
  • Your main goal is to not have anyone get hurt.
  • You cry when they do get hurt because it was against Duke.
  • Your secondary goal is to score a decent offensive touchdown (maybe that’s something that only happens when you have our offense).
  • You can’t celebrate when it happens because its against Duke.
  • You start to enjoy the Eastern Motors commercials with Lavar Arrington when he was a Redskin.
  • Someone on tv mentions Cory Holt.
  • After the game, Chef Tony tries to sell you knives… and he does.

So it was an awesome game. Glennon looked good, but it’s Duke. I think BC may have a better defensive line. I don’t know if Tyrod will be ready for BC, but we will see this week. Our offense will not win that game; they can only lose it. As usual, all the offense needs to do is not screw up.

As for this weekend, it should be another good one. Another Saturday doing nothing but watching football.


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