VT vs. the Fighting Vitales

Since Fall 2006, the Hokies have not lost to either Duke or UNC in football and men’s basketball. Here’s betting that that’s going to still be true on Monday. Things we should look for in this game? All I’ll be looking for is for the offense to score more than 2 touchdowns. Is that really too much to ask? Would you bet on us doing it, cuz I won’t be.

Here’s the predictions:

CGally: VT 30 – 10 (1 defensive/special team td)
Steve: VT 38 – 10
BBull: VT 31 – 3
Bdubs: VT 31 – 16
Dip: VT 27 – 10
Gway: Pain
Lady Gally: VT 27 – 3

So I recently came across a question: What game would you rather attend this year, BC or FSU?

Almost 90% of the respondents said that FSU would be the one to go to. Is it just me, or is that ridiculous? BC is #4 in the country, and we play them on a Thursday night in Blacksburg! I felt like this was a no-brainer. Florida State is terrible, and I realize we haven’t beat them since Nero was running the show. But that game won’t mean jack. Thoughts anyone?

Anyways, get ready for the slaughter (hopefully) this weekend. Have fun, those of you going. Watch out for those rabid Duke football fans. Both of them may hurt you.

4 Responses to “VT vs. the Fighting Vitales”

  1. BDubs Says:

    This game worries me and it’s for good reason. Well, reasons:

    1) Fresh off a huge road victory; the Hokies have done this before and lost their next game(s)…

    2) Duke can pass the ball…Thad Lewis is a good QB and Eron Riley is just dominating all DBs this year. Seriously, don’t look pass these guys

    3) Vince Hall is out. Whether you think so or not, his absence is very big for this defense. Remember that INT Macho got last week? You won’t see Vince tipping it like that this game. Brett Warren is good, but we’ll need his pass defense skills to kick in for this game.

  2. BDubs Says:

    I also would choose the BC game over FSU if I had that luxury.

  3. C Gally Says:

    Missing Hall is huge, you’re right. He causes a lot more disruptions than he gets credit for. But our defense will have to play massively bad for Duke to make it game.

  4. BDubs Says:

    Yeah, I just think they will put up some points…I predicted we win fairly easy, but Duke gave Miami fits, for what it’s worth.

    I think our offense will find a groove this weekend as well. I like that Marshman is back inside now and Wang is hanging pretty on the outside (ba-zing! sorry, no other way to put it)

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