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VT vs. Worst #2 Ever

October 25, 2007

Finally, the time is upon us. It’s Thursday, and it’s about to get loud. Not too much to say right now, so let’s just roll with the predictions:

CGally: 24 – 21
Bbull: 21 – 17
DiP: 19 – 17
Steve: 31 – 23
Tim: 20 – 14
Gway: 17 – 10*
Lady Gally: 24 – 17

* Insert crazy detailed Barry-like prediction.

This is THE game. This is why you went to Virginia Tech, and this is why you decided to stay that extra fall semester.

So let’s get pumped:

Thursday Night. Blacksburg.

October 23, 2007

Yes, it’s finally here. This is not a dream. THE Thursday night game is upon us. Boston College is coming to town, ranked #2, and their fans are trying to decide who they would rather play in the National Championship. It’s pretty easy to get excited.

The name of the game is experience. We have already played a game against the then-#2 team in the country. Granted, it didn’t go so well, but we’ve grown. The last time we played the then-#2 ranked team in the country in Lane Stadium was 2003… against Miami. 31-7. And the last time we played BC was last year, and we were, frankly, embarrassed.

Is this a good reason why we will win? Of course not. We are going to win because of the title of this post.

Other reasons to dislike BC:

  • BC head coach: “The fans will not be a factor” in reference to the Virginia Tech Hokie fans filling Lane Stadium when Virginia Tech takes on BC this Thursday. Jagodzinski added “We just came from Notre Dame, the crowd will not effect us.” In the words of Tom Jackson, “Are you retarded?”
  • We still have to listen to Doug Flutie.
  • Their senator killed someone.

Let’s just say, it’s go time.

So the stage is set. The lights are on. The box is locked. It’s robot fighting time. This is THE game of the year. And here’s the first poem to ever appear on The North End Zone:

‘Twas the night before Thursday and all through the Burg,
Not a person was studying, only “Sandman” was heard.

The students were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of tailgates danced in their heads.

When all of the sudden, Thursday night had arrived,
I pinch myself once to be sure I’m alive.

“Sandman” plays loud as we jump up and down,
The roar can be heard throughout all of town.

Faster than Eagles, the Hokies they came,
Frank whistled and shouted and called them by name:

“Now Eddie, now D.J., now Victor and Hall!
On Xavier, on Harper, on kickers and all!
To the best of the conference, to the best all around,
This is the start, and we’re BCS bound!”

I awoke late on Friday with a smile and gleam,
The fortnight, I thought, had just been a dream.

But just then I realize, the result was for real,
Number 2 had gone down, it had seemed so surreal.

For the Hokies had smiles, and BC had none,
When I woke up on Friday, the Eagles were seven and one.


Bye Weeks Suck

October 18, 2007

If there is one thing that this week has taught me, its that bye weeks are just terrible, terrible things. My Steelers were off last week, so no reading there. The Hokies are off this coming weekend, which means pretty much nothing to look forward to on Saturday.

As for last Saturday, well, it was just awesome. All kinds of upsets, all kinds of fun. College football is so awesome this year. We just need all the sportswriters over the age of 60 to get bedridden and stop writting about sports.

Things that only happen when you play Duke:

  • You are shocked to find out on Wednesday that the game is actually televised.
  • Prior to your game, there’s an informercial for the Human Fund (or something like it).
  • Your main goal is to not have anyone get hurt.
  • You cry when they do get hurt because it was against Duke.
  • Your secondary goal is to score a decent offensive touchdown (maybe that’s something that only happens when you have our offense).
  • You can’t celebrate when it happens because its against Duke.
  • You start to enjoy the Eastern Motors commercials with Lavar Arrington when he was a Redskin.
  • Someone on tv mentions Cory Holt.
  • After the game, Chef Tony tries to sell you knives… and he does.

So it was an awesome game. Glennon looked good, but it’s Duke. I think BC may have a better defensive line. I don’t know if Tyrod will be ready for BC, but we will see this week. Our offense will not win that game; they can only lose it. As usual, all the offense needs to do is not screw up.

As for this weekend, it should be another good one. Another Saturday doing nothing but watching football.

VT vs. the Fighting Vitales

October 12, 2007

Since Fall 2006, the Hokies have not lost to either Duke or UNC in football and men’s basketball. Here’s betting that that’s going to still be true on Monday. Things we should look for in this game? All I’ll be looking for is for the offense to score more than 2 touchdowns. Is that really too much to ask? Would you bet on us doing it, cuz I won’t be.

Here’s the predictions:

CGally: VT 30 – 10 (1 defensive/special team td)
Steve: VT 38 – 10
BBull: VT 31 – 3
Bdubs: VT 31 – 16
Dip: VT 27 – 10
Gway: Pain
Lady Gally: VT 27 – 3

So I recently came across a question: What game would you rather attend this year, BC or FSU?

Almost 90% of the respondents said that FSU would be the one to go to. Is it just me, or is that ridiculous? BC is #4 in the country, and we play them on a Thursday night in Blacksburg! I felt like this was a no-brainer. Florida State is terrible, and I realize we haven’t beat them since Nero was running the show. But that game won’t mean jack. Thoughts anyone?

Anyways, get ready for the slaughter (hopefully) this weekend. Have fun, those of you going. Watch out for those rabid Duke football fans. Both of them may hurt you.

Statement Game

October 9, 2007

What a wierd and amazing game. Great defense, timely ST’s plays, and a mistake-free offense. Definition … Beamerball. This game marks the beginning of the rest of the 2007 football season. Up til beating Clemson on Saturday, our season was marked by wins over mediocre teams and a humiliating loss to the best team in CFB (this year). Now, the Hokies have a new image as they move forward.

We’ll start with the obvious points. The defense was swarming. They were in much better shape than the last game against a Tigers team that plays in “Death Valley”. They contained the run extremely well (superb play by Carlton Powell). They defended the pass perfectly (Corners Macho Harris and Brandon Flowers had their best games yet). The pass rush from just the Front 4 was great. This was the best game yet by the defense, and hopefully we’ll see many more this year.

The Special Teams were very special. Eddie had a nice first PR, followed by a second PR for a TD, and then a third that was a PR for a TD but was called back. Macho Harris got some time on KO duties and made the most of it with a 100 yard TD return. Just a simple cut back move and some pure speed got him the 6 points. Also, unspoken hero Jud Dunlevy was clutch with several more FG’s. He misses one early, and its a different ball game.

Offensive math equation: Offense = Tyrod. Simple enough. The young QB earned the ACC’s Rookie of the week award with a few clutch scrambles for first downs. No turnovers and a few drives extended even for 1 more series kept our defense fresh and on fire. He doesn’t need to carry the team, just the ball for a few first downs, which is very easy with his pure athletic ability. Also, I am hoping for Branden Ore to sit out against Duke and try to rest/get healthy. He’s just not the same player and running him into the pile isn’t helping.

That’s all for now.

Things have happened in 14 years?

October 1, 2007

In the last 14 years since the Philadelphia Phillies had made the playoffs many things in baseball have happened.

  • The Phillies have had 5 managers (one of which left to win a world series)

  • The Phillies have had 22 different all-stars

  • Curt Schilling lost a world series, left, won a world series, bled threw a sock, and won a second world series.

  • Scott Rolen left, won a world series.

  • There was a league wide strike that almost killed baseball.

  • There was a large man from the Midwest that hit many balls very far that saved baseball.

  • There was a large man from the bay area that hit more balls further that is a villain. And they hate him so much that a fashion designer spent an obscene amount of money on his baseball only to deface it. (This is why women should stop sending our money on clothes.)

  • There was a latin American player that corked his bat, that everyone loves but there was a latin American player that needed a little blue pill to get his bat corked, that everyone hates.

  • Montreal went to Washington DC.

  • 2 high school teams won the World Series… or was that the Marlins.

  • The leagues favorite player was Ken Griffey Jr. He is still loved because no one can be injured that often and have taken steroids.

  • The Yankees spent lots of money won lots of games. (nothing new there)
  • A man was celebrated for playing many games in a row. (If you go into work for 3000 straight days that either means you don’t want to go home to be with your family or your secretary is outstanding)

  • There are 2 more division and a wild card.

  • Two teams that wear Sox ended very long World Series droughts.

  • Another team with a long drought blamed a fan from the stands for losing the NLCS. (Not the bullpen that blew the lead, or the offence that couldn’t score the next day, they blamed a fan. Come on Chicago blame a real person for your misfortunes, like Santa Clause)
  • Then: Big Daddy—————Now: Big Papi

    (English, M’Fers. Do you speak it?)

    Atleast the Phillies got back to the Playoffs before the Pirates.