VT vs. A Tribe Called I-AA

CAN YOU FEEEEEL IT?!?!? Its our annual beatdown of a Virginia I-AA school. Wooooo. So why go down to the game, you ask? Because we can. This will be the first game (hopefully) in which we are not dissappointed. Seriously, 7-7 at the half against Ohio just won’t cut it.

So here’s some predictions:

CGally: 38 – 6
BBull: 42 – 10
DiP: 45 – 7
Steve: 38 – 7
Tim (Rocketman): 41 – 14
Bdubs (mmm.. wings..): 52 – 10
Lady Gally: 31 – 7
Hamburglar: Ketchup – Pickles

Congrats to BBull on his victory last week. He guessed the 28 – 7 finish exactly. He gets to drink this Saturday. He also made a bold prediction this week:

Bull: I have to admit though… i think we’re going to win this one
Gally: whoa, Brandon getting ballzy
Bull: they don’t call me bbull for nothing

Other predictions for this weekend:

Steelers go to 3-0 (holla!)

The weekend will be AWESOME.

ND goes 0-4 and I enjoy it.

That’s pretty much it. See everyone in the ‘Burg!!


3 Responses to “VT vs. A Tribe Called I-AA”

  1. TheVTRocketScientist Says:

    Any weekend in bburg is great, but if you want an awesome weekend, UNC will be off-the-wall.

  2. BDubs Says:

    Sorry about the first comment, not sure what happened there. Anyway…

    Like I said to CGally, watch for TT to get 200+ through the air with another 50+ on the ground, which will look nice with his 2 TDs (passing and/or rushing).

    Ore and KLew will combine for nearly 200 yards on the ground with 2-3 scores, while Cheese comes in and gets another 60 as the running game and the offense go off(think around 500 yards of total offense).

    The defense is stout again, although they will not keep William and Mary’s offense out off the end zone; however, look for Brandon Flowers to do his own sweet version of pick 6 to prove the rocketscientist he is better than medicore. šŸ˜‰

    Last, but certainly not least, comes the special teams where Royal takes a punt back for a score while Dunlevy nails his one and only field goal attempt of 40 yards. Bowden, of course, will barely see the field.

    Look for a huge win this week.

  3. TheVTRocketScientist Says:

    Nice call on the PR TD and Pick 6. Post coming later today/tomorrow which will have more insight.

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