VT v. Bob (Sacamano) Cats

Some score preditions for the game

CGally: 27-14 VT
Steve: 31-13 VT
Tim (RocketScientist… ha): 28-10 VT
Barry (bdubs/toolbag): 38-0 VT *
BBull: 28-7 VT (two missed field goals)
The Lady Gally: 17-0 VT
The Lady Barry: doesn’t exist

*Ore 100 yds, Tyrod 60 rushing + 1 or 2 TDs, defense scores twice

Other predictions

USC rolls by 20.

Michigan and Notre Dame game gets pre-empted for a replay of the 1997 World Series of Poker.

The war-torn areas of central Africa will devolve into a warlord ruled state. With the added economic pressure steming from the NATO blockade, the area will lack the necessary supplies to devolop a proper distribution system. Advances in the educational and medical fields will be stunted by the lack of repairs to an aging infrastructure. Either this, or I will go to Taco Bell for dinner Saturday night. One of the two.

LSU will win by more than 41… I hope…

As it happens, myself and Lady Gally will not be in attendance. We’ve been asked to take care of a pair of jetskis for the weekend, and felt obligated. Hopefully, Roth’s voice will be nice and soothing. And if I hear of any Bob (Sacamano) Cats selling Russian hats on the Drillfield, I will be very sorry that I missed the game.



2 Responses to “VT v. Bob (Sacamano) Cats”

  1. Adam Y. Says:

    Random question not related to VT football: What did you think of the Stillers’ alternate uni’s commemorating the 75 years of badassness?

  2. C Gally Says:

    I didn;t mind the jersey’s so much. They just looked like one of those specialty ones at Dick’s. But the helmets… good lord. Just awful. Not as bad a Syracuse’s all-orange uni’s, but not good.

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