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Hokies win, but no reason to celebrate

September 29, 2007

UNC wins the toss, gets the ball first, and they are immediately shut down as the Hokies force them into a three and out (typical Virginia Tech defense). The Hokies get the ball, and amazingly, we run a reverse to Royal on the first play which results in a 50 yard run. A few plays later Tyrod breaks two tackles and dances his way into the end zone for a quick 7-0 lead. The offensive line was creating holes, Ore was hitting them, and Tyrod was being, well…Tyrod. It appeared that the Hokies were in for a huge day.

Not. So. Fast.

If it weren’t for the defense and special teams, this Hokie squad would have lost to a then 1-3 UNC team, at home, during homecoming – pretty depressing, huh?

So, with out wasting too much of your time, here is a list of positives and negatives. We will start with the positives:

1) Ore finally found a groove and showed a little bit of burst that he had last year. 93 yards and 6 points is a starting point, so let’s see if he can build on it. A little tidbit – he tweaked his hammy today, which is a bit of a concern, especially since he has been playing hurt all season.

2) Cam Martin is a PLAYER. He played like his life depended on it, racking up 10 tackles, which included 3 SOLO sacks. Oh yeah, talk about a BS personal foul call on him…how could he stop from hitting the QB? HE WAS IN MID AIR!!

3) 9-11. ENOUGH SAID. This dynamic duo was ALL over the field, especially Mr. Adibi. Combined, they had a lot more than 20 tackles…simply amazing.

4) Dunlevy and Bowden are very special. Did anyone else notice that Dunlevy – who hit a 52 yarder – could have hit that FG from 55? Bowden netted a 43 yard average per punt, which INCLUDED his first real shank of the season. I think we are all set with special teams.

5) Brandon Holland. Anyone else think we should start him on the line? Man, on our runs, he was 10 yards down field all the time! It’s time to think about putting him in there for Mr. Dick Graham.

6) Tyrod. His passing was not exactly great today, but he put the ball in some good spots, and boy can he move around the pocket. His 5 yard TD run was VERY special.

7) Sean Glennon. Yes, he played ONE down, but that throw he had was VERY important. He got us enough yards to put us in FG range, and if Morgan had run vertical instead of horizontal when he caught the ball, the Hokies would have gotten a first down. Good job to him for coming in with no warm up throws, scrambling, and getting some yards.

Feel free to chime in with a few more, as I know there are plenty, but I don’t want to waste your time…so, onto the negatives, which is definitely not a comprehensive list.

1) Our offense is still anemic, but did we expect anything more? We certainly showed flashes of potential with our first two drives, but after that, we had nothing. Take this into consideration – we were OUTGAINED by UNC in offense, which is just pathetic, especially since we were playing our homecoming game in Lane and UNC has a very poor defense that gives up nearly 400 yards a game – we managed 243.

2) Personal fouls. This has got to stop. Beamer needs to think about benching players – depending on the seriousness of the foul – as it appears fines and early morning sprints just aren’t getting it done.

3) Dropping passes. Unreal. How many of those are we going to have this year? It simply should not happen, especially in important situations (see Josh Morgan on a crucial 3rd down in the 4th quarter).

4) Our tight ends have disappeared completely. Seriously, we have GREAT talent there, so why not use them? Our WRs certainly aren’t getting the job done, so let’s use them every now and again.

5) Not getting the ball into the hands of our playmakers. We have Royal, Morgan, Ore, Wheeler, and even KLJ, but what do we do with them? Nothing. We should all feel bad for those kids, especially Royal and Morgan because if they were on any other team, they would most likely have huge seasons.

6) TIME OF POSSESSION. OK, so we aren’t out of the top 100 in this category…yet. That will change after this week. We did a horrible job with this and if we keep this up, we are going to get beat up pretty badly against better teams. We have way too many three and outs. Anyone remember the days where we ALWAYS won the TOP?

7) Relying on our defense. This goes hand in hand with point number 6. We have done it in the past, but not NEARLY this much. We simply need to cut this out or else they will tire. We all got a glimpse of that today because in the 4th quarter, our defense looked to be on its last breath. Good thing the game wasn’t 10 minutes longer or we really would have lost. If we keep relying on our defense all season, we WILL lose a lot of games.

So, I apologize for the longer post, but a fair amount needed to be said. I still think we go down and beat Klempson, then take care of Duke, but if those negatives don’t become positives (or at least get somewhat better), our streak of bowl games may come to an end.

VT vs. The Trust Funds (part 1)

September 27, 2007

It’s that time of year again. The leaves will soon be turning. The games won’t be terribly hot. And ACC Conference play commences for the Hokies. This is the time. We have one goal: get to the ACC Championship game. Here’s where we start the run.

This year has all the markings of the 2004 Sugar Bowl season. The team looks solid but not spectacular. We have a lot of tough games, but all of which we should win. It won’t be a pretty season, but it can be rewarding. But it all starts with UNC.

Predictions (all VT victories, of course)

Gally: 27 – 10
DiP: 31 – 13*
BBull: 35 – 10
Steve: 27 – 13
Tim (I’m not calling him the Rocket Scientist anymore. I can do a lot of things better than him, and I like using the phrase “It’s not rocket science”.): 28 – 13
Dan: 23 – 10
Bdubs: 39 – 7**
Lady Gally: 24 – 3
Lady Steve: Locked in his closet, not available for comment.

*DiP also went out on a limb this week, saying that Purdue will beat Notre Dame. While I didn’t asterisk it, I also predict that LSU will beat Tulane. Everyone’s getting gutzy.

**Barry wrote a ridiculously long prediction. Suffice it to say that we will kick ass after early struggles. If he is exactly right, I will put up what he said. I just think it’s time for someone to get a real job.

Other predictions on the upcoming weekend:

WVU will handily beat USF. With the USF win over Auburn looking less and less impressive (Auburn is about to drop to 2-3 overall), consider me on the Don’t-Believe-in-USF Bandwagon. Actually, I’m pretty sure that I am the bandwagon.

Michigan will handily beat Northwestern. I think Appy is just pretty good. Well, their QB, anyways. Why is he not getting any Heisman press? In what seems like a down year, I’m surprised he hasn’t made at least some noise. I don’t think he’d even come close, but does everyone remember Steve McNair being invited to New York? By far the greatest athlete from Alcorn State.

Alabama will take down Florida State.

Virginia and Pitt will go to overtime in the “Worst Coaches Ever Bowl”. Twenty-three people will be glued to their tv sets.

So that’s it for this week. My favorite thing to happen since last game was the OSU rant. The rant was amazing, but the best part has been the reaction. Almost 95% of people think that it was awesome. You know who doesn’t think it was great? Newspaper writers. Big shocker there. How else can you make money other than ripping apart teenagers, telling them they’re soft. Seriously, there’s no need for writers to talk about that. That job goes to Maryland fans.

(And, as the coach said, “If you’re going to criticize someone, criticize me.” Students are thus justified for the Facebook group: Fire Bryan Stinespring)

Things to look for against UNC

September 26, 2007

This will be a combo post. I don’t have much insight into last week’s beatdown against W&M, mostly because I was home in PA for the weekend. Some of the few notes that I can talk about come from the statistics.

First thought is Branden Ore. Now, I’m not saying the plays he’s been forced to run under Stinkspring have been great, but 2.9 ypc? Factor out the 1 run for 20 yards, and thats 9 rushes for 5 yards. Thoughts? Maybe he’s still hesitating when running due to the injury late last season.. Humes had that happen to him for a couple weeks (although a much more serious injury. Thankfully KLj is developing nicely and will help shoulder some of the burden that was put almost entirely on Ore last year.

Second thought is the stats were decent, but it’s still only W&M. The offensive stats didn’t really pile up (287 total yards), and I suspect that is due to our defense/ST’s giving great field position. I do like seeing our defense clamp down on the run, allowing a grand 5 total net yards. And for Bbull, I never said Flowers was mediocre. I said he was playing mediocre (a slight difference). Making penalties and blowing coverages to me is mediocre. But Flowers’ talent is undeniable and some team will more than likely draft him in the first round in April 2008. So I’m hoping he’s back to his top form now, ready to help lead the defense.

Now for my weekend predictions. KLj didn’t quite reach the 100 mark yet, but it is bound to happen soon. The turnover margin was won by the Hokies 3 to 0. We need to continue that ball security to get our next 2 wins. UNC always plays VT hard and there is no reason to not expect them to try and step up this time. Butch also knows VT from the Big East days, so he may have a trick or two stashed away.

1. Tyrod needs to see a full game. I know he had to be protected from cheap shots, but with Clemson in 1.5 weeks, he needs to get another full game under his belt. Maybe that means we should play rope-a-dope and try to keep UNC in the game until half time. I would also like to see Tyrod in the realm of 25 passes with at least 52%, 175 yards. That way his production is at least respectable through the air. Otherwise, we’ll be facing 8 man fronts against CU.

2. More than 1 reception combined from our SENIOR WR corps… When you only have 1 reception for 8 yards coming from your four experienced wide receivers, something is wrong. Maybe it’s play-calling. Or maybe Stinkey isn’t the only problem, and this group needs to step it up a notch. Randall was a senior with a group of t-Fr WR’s, and he stepped up. Time for them to return the favor as seniors to the t-Fr QB.

3. Keep kicking those FG’s. This might seem like a stupid hope, but in the near future, we may need to call on Dunlevy for a clutch FG. So I really don’t have a problem if a few offensive drives stall this Saturday (intentionally or unintentionally) to give him as much experience and confidence as possible.

Well, see everyone in Blacksburg!

A Happy Halftime

September 24, 2007

Yes, I know it was William and Mary. I know they are I-AA. But it took until the 4th game of the season until I was not pissed of at halftime of a Tech game. Here’s the past halftime scores:

VT 10 – ECU 7
VT 0 – LSU 24
VT 7 – Ohio 7
VT 41 – W&M 3

So yes, I was happy. Happy that there was nothing to be mad about… well, nothing to be VERY mad about. Playcalling inside the 20 is abismal. Not Redskins-playcalling abismal, but it was bad. Seriously, 2 field goals to start out? We finally scored a touchdown from a bad snap that gave us the ball at the 5 yard line.

My other super-pissed off moment came when the fumble was challenged in the 3rd quarter. I don’t care that the call was reversed. I care that it took 10 freaking minutes to figure it out. It was 90 degrees out. As it was, our seats were in the metal bleacher North End Zone (naturally). Not fun.

So now we have conference play. With the spanking by LSU, any talk of a National Title went out the window (thank God). With the losses Georgia Tech has accumulated, we are set up prime to win our Division. That is all we can ask for at this moment. Win whatever our Division is (no one can remember) and get to the championship game that 50 people will attend.

It won’t be easy, but its time for us to step up and win this conference again. We need to win when we are supposed to, and now’s the time. 8 conference games in a row. Make it happen Cap’n.

Other notes

Tyrod is awesome. Explain to me again why he hasn’t started since the beginning? I mean, we had to know our o-line was bad. I’m going to start using the acronym “IFLITCP” (I feel like I’m taking crazy pills). When you deal with the offensive genius that is Stinespring, you tend to use that phrase a lot.

Bumarooski is still the greatest game of all time. There will be a post about the game to come, but it’s a poor-man’s horseshoes with funny terms.

Run the ball outside one time for me. Why oh why do we count on our line to block. We can’t block William and Mary to get a decent run up the middle. Give Ore room to run on the outside and have him try to beat someone one-on-one.
I-AA opponent and “Sandman” was GREAT. I love football.

VT vs. A Tribe Called I-AA

September 21, 2007

CAN YOU FEEEEEL IT?!?!? Its our annual beatdown of a Virginia I-AA school. Wooooo. So why go down to the game, you ask? Because we can. This will be the first game (hopefully) in which we are not dissappointed. Seriously, 7-7 at the half against Ohio just won’t cut it.

So here’s some predictions:

CGally: 38 – 6
BBull: 42 – 10
DiP: 45 – 7
Steve: 38 – 7
Tim (Rocketman): 41 – 14
Bdubs (mmm.. wings..): 52 – 10
Lady Gally: 31 – 7
Hamburglar: Ketchup – Pickles

Congrats to BBull on his victory last week. He guessed the 28 – 7 finish exactly. He gets to drink this Saturday. He also made a bold prediction this week:

Bull: I have to admit though… i think we’re going to win this one
Gally: whoa, Brandon getting ballzy
Bull: they don’t call me bbull for nothing

Other predictions for this weekend:

Steelers go to 3-0 (holla!)

The weekend will be AWESOME.

ND goes 0-4 and I enjoy it.

That’s pretty much it. See everyone in the ‘Burg!!

Things to look for against W&M

September 21, 2007
It has been a crazy week. The Hokies are now 2-1 after a solid rebound win over Ohio. OJ is back in jail, Bellicheck is getting hugs from his team, and the Phillies are only 1.5 games behind the mutts (were 7 games behind last Friday). This week’s feat should be an easy one. Anybody trying to realistically explain that W&M has a chance to pull off the upset needs to wake up.

Virginia Tech leads the series 39-18-4. Throw in the fact that VT has won 9 straight (1977-1985) and has won 27 of the last 31 (1955-1985). Also, Tech has a nice 27 game winning streak at home against non-conference opponents. And if the following checklist happens, I feel very confident that the streak will hit dos-ocho.

1. Turnover margin. It became apparent to me last week that VT has not won the turnover margin in quite a while. One of the basics to football, the more you turn over the ball, the more you lose. NO fumbles, and 1 interception on offense with 2-3 interceptions is what the doctor ordered for this game. W&M likes to air the ball out a lot, which only plays to VT’s strength (pass rushing and good CB’s).

2. Kenny Lewis, Jr. I’m half-ready to see Branden Ore turn pro just to see what KLj and a couple of our other rb’s can do (Cheeseman, Radford, Oglesby, Evans). The talent we have waiting for PT is extremely underrated and will surprise a lot of Tech fans. For those fans that don’t know, Kenny Lewis’ father held the single game rushing record until Mike Imoh broke it in 2004 at UNC. Kenny Lewis continues his ascent with his first 100 yard performance.

3. Weaver realizing that even though most could do without the “Stick It In” chant, nobody wants to make “We Are Virginia Tech” a football chant. It was a good slogan/rallying cry after 4/16, but it doesn’t belong on the football field. And it doesn’t even have rhythm as a chant. The student section was even showing that we just wanted the good old “Let’s go Hokies” by cheering Let’s Go instead of We Are (the older alumni didn’t get what we were doing…).

4. Should I mention something bout Tyrod? I guess I’ll hope for him to get better at ball fakes (as was his biggest problem according to Mike O’Cain). I am not too worried to be honest. He made mistakes but they were from lack of experience. This will just be more experience.

A Bad Case of Downward Spiral

September 20, 2007
A lot can change in a month. Just ask the Boston Red Sox.

One month ago, Boston had a very comfortable cushion in the AL East standings, with the Yankees fighting for their lives with the Tigers and Mariners in the Wild Card race. However, after the Yankees-Sox series in Boston a week ago, the tables have begun to turn. As of Thursday, the Sox are only 1½ games ahead of the Yankees, who took two out of three from Boston at Fenway Park. The Yankees were gracious enough to have a home series against the Orioles following the series with Boston, while Boston had to travel to Toronto and got swept by the Blue Jays.

Sadly to say, the Yankees will inevitably make the playoffs (again), and appear to be in the process of winning the division as well (again). Sorry Sox fans (and the rest of America for that matter), but the Yanks will be a part of October baseball.

However, everyone loves a flashback from time to time, so this Boston slump has enlightened me to count down ten famous instances where someone on his/her high horse crashed and burned. Enjoy.

#10 New York Giants
The G-Men started out 6-2 and had a firm stronghold on the NFC East during the 2006 season. Then, they switched gears—literally—and went 2-6 in their final 8 games. Lucky for them, they made the playoffs anyway with an 8-8 record, due to (as Stephen A. Smith would put it) the junior varsity level of the NFC. New York went on to lose on a game-ending field goal by Philly’s David Akers in the wild card round, and was sent home packing. Oh yeah, Tom Coughlin is hated by the fans, Plaxico complains more than T.O. now, and Tiki retires. Great camaraderie.

#9 Summer Sanders
She won a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in swimming. Then she hosted NBA inside Stuff, Figure It Out, and Skating with Celebrities. You get where I’m going with this?

#8 Ryan Leaf
Where to begin with this guy. He took his WSU team to the 1997 Rose Bowl and nearly beat Brian Griese’s Michigan squad. Drafted second overall by the Chargers, only behind some guy named Manning. Once he played, he constantly lost games while repeatedly turning the ball over, and even allegedly lied about an injury to his hand so that he could miss practice and play golf. He was subsequently released by San Diego, only to be picked up by the Bucs, Cowboys, and Seahawks, all of which cut him, too. Add the screaming profanity at the camera reporter incidence, and you have one tarnished legacy.

#7 Elizabeth Berkeley
Jessie Spano was the most hated of the six cast members of Saved by the Bell, but she was endured by the viewers thanks to Zach’s crazy schemes, Screech’s undying love for Lisa, and Kelly’s recurring camel toe. Then things went from bad to worse for Elizabeth. Her character had an addiction to caffeine pills (I hate attention cravers), broke up with Slater for a fellow tree-hugging hippie, tried to drown her eventual stepmother and ruin the wedding, and left the show once the College Years began. Add Showgirls to the mix (which VH1 even hates to air), and you finally have the death of Berkeley/Spano.

#6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
To this day, this show continues to battle Ghostbusters as the cartoon king. The show pitted the Fab 4 against Shredder and Krang, and even survived the continuous appearances of Vernon and Irma. Alas, all good things came to and end. Then in 2002, Fox brought back a newer version of the show, which can only be described as a travesty. I’m ashamed to admit that I tuned in that Saturday morning after a night of drunken debauchery in Blacksburg, and didn’t speak to anyone the rest of the day. Then there’s the TMNT movie. I’ve yet to see it, but word on the street is that Shredder does not appear in the film since he is “dead”. Hey, if Jason Voorhies can reappear ten times, so can good ole Tin Grin.

#5 Seattle Supersonics
The Sonics were the team to beat in the Western Conference in 1994. They earned the top seed in the playoffs and got the Denver Nuggets in the first round. After going up 2-0 in the series, everyone thought that Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf were heading to the NBA Finals. Not so fast my friend! Denver shockingly won three straight games and advanced to the second round. The series is famous for Dikembe Mutombo’s ridiculous half laugh – half cry scene while clutching the basketball to his head. Calm down dude, you still had to go through three more teams. What many don’t recall is that the Nuggets were down 3-0 to the Jazz in the second round before tying the series 3 all and forcing a game seven, only to come up one game short.

#4 Who’s the Boss
You swayed and sang the show’s theme song with a smile on your face. Then the camera went to Tony Danza playing Mr. Mom. Then you changed the channel, and Danza kicked trash cans and field goals for Philly.

#3 O.J. Simpson
Not much to say here. The guy won a Heisman trophy at USC and was a Hall of Fame running back for the Bills. Then 1994 swung around, and the world was diverted from the Knicks-Rockets finals to watch the famous white Bronco mosey down the freeway. Everyone knows the rest: If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit. O.J. now appears to be taking thorough notes while watching Casino.

#2 Macaulay Culkin
Impressive resume early on: Uncle Buck. Home Alone. Home Alone 2. My Girl. Richie Rich. We all wanted to be Kevin McAllister after watching him beat the hell out of Harry and Marv. Then we wanted our own McDonald’s and roller coaster. Now, we apparently want to have our 8-year-old faces pasted on our adult bodies. Culkin married at 18, and had a strong two year marriage. He’s been arrested for marijuana and non-prescribed Xanax possession, and he currently dates the voice of Meg Griffin. Believe it or not, he’s the godfather to two of Michael Jackson’s children. He must’ve made an offer Jacko couldn’t refuse.

#1 New York Yankees
I’m going to try to be unbiased on this one. Yeah, not gonna happen—this was AWESOME!!! In 2004, the Yanks were up 3-0 on the rivaled Red Sox in the ALCS, and everyone outside of the Bronx had lost all hope. David Ortiz began the miracle comeback with a walk-off home run and game-winning single in consecutive nights. Boston then won game six in the Bronx and finished off the Yankees early in game seven, thanks to current Yankee Johnny Damon hitting a three-run blast. Boston became the first baseball franchise to win a series after facing a 3-0 deficit—and they did it against New York. The only thing better than teasing Yankees fans about getting swept is watching them get their hopes so high, only to then have their team get swept unofficially.

For anyone griping about this list, John Stamos came in at a solid #11…

by Steve-O

O.J.’s Up to His Old Tricks!

September 19, 2007

Well well well, O.J., we hardly knew ye. You went from an all-pro hall of famer running back to a murderer to a thief. Well, I guess you deserve some slack; after all, it was you who first established the “If the glove don’t fit, then you must acquit” and actually had his murder charges dismissed (ha!).

So we are all familiar with his murder trial, and I am sure by now you have heard that O.J. is being charged with stealing his own memorabilia. Wait, what? Why would he have to do that? Oh that’s right, he had to sell his life to try and pay off the civiil suit for that same murder (which, by the way, is still not paid off – more than a decade later). But yes, O.J has somehow found a way to steal his own memorabilia, items that include his Hall of Fame certificate and the suit that he wore on the day he was acquitted.

Now, I can see why he might want to steal his own Hall of Fame certificate, but the suit? Why? The only thing I can think of is that he wants a little something to remember the day he was able to make a fool out of the jury that acquitted him of murder simply because the glove didn’t fit (come ON, give me a break!!). Something tells me O.J. might wear that suit every day just to rub it in if he could.

So, what’s the excuse this time? You may have heard it before, and yes, you will hear it again: a set up. Yep, that’s right, of course it’s a set up, O.J. would never commit an armed robbery, right? Just like he never committed murder! I’m sorry, but if he goes to court again and is able to put on a glove that doesn’t fit and gets out of this one, I will just snap. But that’s neither here nor there, so we’ll leave it at that.

And there you have it, folks – O.J. at his finest! Who wants to give me odds that he gets out of this one?

Solid Rebound

September 17, 2007

Oh what a beautiful weekend, oh what a beautiful win. Ok, maybe it was just Ohio but still the win was encouraging to me. There was plenty to be learned while enjoying the crisp fall weather in the magical land of Blacksburg, VA.


  • Tyrod notched his first win in his first career start. He threw for 287 yards (58.1%) and used his mobility to by time on plays or grab a few yards.
  • Kenny Lewis Jr’s coming out party. Branden Ore looked his best so far, and perhaps the OL is starting to mesh. But Kenny Lewis was burning the Ohio defense. His 40 yard td run was displaying possibly the best speed on the team. Wake-up call to Beamer… Speed/agility/ability to break tackles. Give this kid a chance on kickoffs.
  • Ohio tallied a net 114 yards. If not for 2 fluke plays, they would have had less yards and been shut out 35-0. The defense also shut-down the run with a few youngsters mixing it up (John Graves, are you here to stay now?).


  • First and foremost, Brandon Flowers. It is time to sit him down (W&M) and send a message to him. It also wouldn’t be bad to give some of the younger CB’s that have been praised some more serious time, to prepare in case Flowers gets thrown out of a game (see Jimmy Williams 2005).
  • Turnover margin. When was the last time we won this? I know we haven’t so far this year. Nor did we win the turnover margin in the Peach Bowl. Focus needs to be made on taking care of the ball, especially with a t-Fr QB starting now.
  • Stinkspring. The offense ran better because the dual-threat was there, but he still just doesn’t know how to run an offense. First series: WR screen, QB run, HB run. While the WR screen worked semi-well this weekend, I have to chalk that up to a poor Ohio defense. How bout instead of all these WR screens, we run an actual passing play with maybe some quick slants/cuts. It is the same principle of getting rid of the ball quick and putting it in the playmakers‘ hands, but it gets the defense backing up and sets up a running play. For those that didn’t watch the game, that first series was a 3-out.

Overall, I was pleased with the win. Tyrod got a full game in, the team worked on a couple flaws, and it was a beautiful day. We have two more games to fix problems, continue to build better offensive chemistry (lacking at times), and get ready for our next big game, @ Clemson.

VT v. Bob (Sacamano) Cats

September 14, 2007

Some score preditions for the game

CGally: 27-14 VT
Steve: 31-13 VT
Tim (RocketScientist… ha): 28-10 VT
Barry (bdubs/toolbag): 38-0 VT *
BBull: 28-7 VT (two missed field goals)
The Lady Gally: 17-0 VT
The Lady Barry: doesn’t exist

*Ore 100 yds, Tyrod 60 rushing + 1 or 2 TDs, defense scores twice

Other predictions

USC rolls by 20.

Michigan and Notre Dame game gets pre-empted for a replay of the 1997 World Series of Poker.

The war-torn areas of central Africa will devolve into a warlord ruled state. With the added economic pressure steming from the NATO blockade, the area will lack the necessary supplies to devolop a proper distribution system. Advances in the educational and medical fields will be stunted by the lack of repairs to an aging infrastructure. Either this, or I will go to Taco Bell for dinner Saturday night. One of the two.

LSU will win by more than 41… I hope…

As it happens, myself and Lady Gally will not be in attendance. We’ve been asked to take care of a pair of jetskis for the weekend, and felt obligated. Hopefully, Roth’s voice will be nice and soothing. And if I hear of any Bob (Sacamano) Cats selling Russian hats on the Drillfield, I will be very sorry that I missed the game.