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What I Learned…

April 25, 2007
What I learned…
On Monday, April 16 2007, I learned at 10 am that a tragedy of monumental proportions occurred in the building I had accounting class in one year ago to the hour.

At 2 pm, I learned that everyone I knew at Tech was ok, but a lot of my friend’s friends had been lost.

By the time I went to bed Monday night/Tuesday morning, I learned that the shock of this event had not yet worn off.

On Tuesday, I learned that the utter sadness of an event like this hits your chest like a sledge hammer when that initial shock does wear off. I learned that you can shed tears because of almost any small thing to remind you of what happened.

Tuesday afternoon, I learned that the Virginia Tech student body is comprised of the most admirable and honorable people to walk a college campus, when a 30-second standing ovation was given to Dr. Steger, the VT President. Despite what media folks had said, no one that matters (the students) blamed him for what happened.

I learned that one poet can move a nation with a 45-second poem. I suspect being a poet is much tougher than any of us think.

I learned that it is possible to break down in tears listening to a chant of “Let’s Go Hokies!”

Eventually, I learned the name of the shooter. I also learned that repeating his name ever again would be a disservice to those we lost.

I learned that the media had no problem turning the shooter into a superstar by broadcasting exactly what he wanted them to broadcast. NBC does not show fans running on the field at football games, as to not encourage that type of behavior…

As I listened to fellow Hokies give interviews, I learned that we truly are as noble and respectable as I imagined. The only thing on anyone’s mind was how much hurt there was. There was no blame, only support, and every person interviewed showed that Hokie support was everywhere. I learned that our scapegoat is dead.

I learned that 60 years ago, God saved one 12-year-old boy from the Holocaust, so that in 2007, half a world away, he could save several young people by giving his life holding a door shut.

I also learned that my friends and family are incredible. Despite not being there at the time or even knowing anyone that was lost, everyone knew it was still rough for me. I imagine we all realized how wonderful our support system really is in the past week.

I learned that simply changing your Facebook picture can have a bigger impact than you think.

I have learned that everyone is a Hokie. I learned that rivalries don’t mean jack any more. I will not be able to “boo” any team from now on (a big task for myself). The outpouring of support from schools around the country has been absolutely incredible. According to my freshman handbook, a Hokie is defined as any Virginia Tech support. Everyone really is a Hokie today.

I learned that when you say “we’re here for you”, it truly helps those affected. From the banner sent to Blacksburg from Auburn to the thousands of candlelight vigils held throughout the country, each and every ounce of support made people feel like the world was with them.

I learned that the Virginia Tech community itself is just as incredible as I thought it was. There’s a reason students wanted to get back down to Blacksburg on Monday: their friends are there. All 25,000 of them. The unity of both the students and alumni has been impressive to say the least.

I learned that facing the true tragedy is the only way to fully recover. The week of April 16, I was in Delaware on business. I debated on whether or not to return to Blacksburg on Friday, even though I had not planned on going. I learned that I was dumb for even debating. The event had been so surreal, and going down to see it made it real. Friday night was tough, as I expected. But to see everyone that was there, to be with all the people that were there to support each other, it truly helped.

I learned that I may not miss a home game this year. I cannot wait for the first “Enter Sandman” or the first blocked kick in Lane Stadium.

I learned that I am never prouder to be a Hokie than right now.

Finally, I learned that a lot of things are less important than you’d think, and a lot of things are more important that you could ever imagine.

Virginia Tech

April 16, 2007
Thoughts and prayers are with all those involved.

“This is a tragedy in American history. So for today, forget any and all of your college affiliations. For today, we are all Hokies.” -CNN

Jack Wilson will flash the glove, serenade you, and then suck your blood.

April 9, 2007

I stayed away from the headline “Jack Wilson, Phil from American Idol, and Batboy: Brothers. Bike Cops” for obvious reasons. And we’re not ones for the look-alike post, but the thought of Jack Wilson turning into a bat (flying, not baseball) is all too real.

For those of you who aren’t my mom, the guy in the middle is Phil from American Idol. Super-creepy looking, but nice guy. The gentleman on the right is Batboy, from the only truly reliable news source on Earth, the Weekly World News. He has been pictured shaking hands with 4 presidents, captured Saddam, and went to the moon. The guy on the left is the vampire that plays shortstop for the Pirates. I think he’s sucked all the blood out of the front office.

The Coaching Merry-go-round

April 6, 2007
We are currently in the most underrated time of the sports year. It happens twice a year, and is a spectacle to behold. It is the changing of the guard, only it involves $2 million salaries and 17 year old kids. So let’s break down a few:

Billy Donovan stays at Florida

Really? You don’t say? The dude has won back-to-back national championships there. He has a chance to turn it into a dynasty and to be as revered as Coach K. He’s gonna leave that for the high-pressure, no win atmosphere of Kentucky? Oh, and the job’s in Kentucky. Hope none of the Wildcats were holding their breathe… or maybe I do…

John Beilein from WVU to Michigan

I wonder what the sentiment at WVU is right now… let’s just check the Facebook groups created since his departure:

Beilein Is One Greedy Son of a B
I Hope John Beilein Chokes and Dies
John Beilein is a mecenary
John Beilein: What Once Was Class, Now Is Trash
John Beilein is a MOTHER F—ING SELLOUT
That WVU Basketball Coach is a TRAITOR

Now I don’t exactly know what a “mecenary” is, but it sounds bad. So that’s pretty cool. Let’s take a look at what John Beilein did for WVU:

  • 4th coaching choice after Gale Catlett left.
  • Took a team with 3 hotshot recruits and kicked them off for behavior problems.
  • Took the team to the Elite 8 for the first time since Jerry West was in college, and the second time EVER.
  • Took the team to the Sweet Sixteen the year after.

So yeah, I’d be pretty pissed too if my coach did all that for my team. Oh yeah, and you can’t forget that the team was coach by Gale-freaking-Catlett prior to him coming. Oh yeah, and he was paid about half of what he deserved. He is a traitor. I definitely wouldn’t have left for double the money. As Dwight K. Shrute said, “I will go wherever they value loyalty the most.”

Segway into…

Bob Huggins from Kansas State to WVU

Now this guy, not a traitor. He left KState after one year. Doesn’t matter to Mountaineers, they want him and his single digit graduation rates. So now WVU has Rich Rodriguez and Bob Huggins at the same school. I give 4 years before an NCAA violation involving strippers.

Tommy Amaker from Michigan to… DMV?

Say it with me now… who is Tommy Amaker again? Was he really the coach? That is adorable!

Tubby Smith from Kentucky to Minnesota

Do you think he can get the mascot changed to the Screaming Eagles? Anyone? Bueler? Ah, ask your parents. They’ll find it funny.