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Roids and Chess

November 30, 2006

So I was watching a news channel
with one of those tickers at the bottom and read something that did not make a bunch of sense. It said that the World Cup of Chess, in China, will start an anti-doping drug test prior to the start of the tournament. Now let’s get serious for a second, is there any advantage of being on the Roids for chess. Unless they are playing with 200 pound pawns and a 300 pound bishop I see no point. If anything I feel that doping could be a hindrance in a game of intellect. However, I would like to see a life size game of chess where you would have to wrestle the opposing piece down. Like the pawn would be a girl scout and it would go up to a sumo
wrestler for a king. It just makes when a 130 pound chess player is
under more suspicion than a 300 pound football player something is off


November 28, 2006

While it’s obvious the 5 BCS bowls are the mack daddies of the college bowl system, you may not know know which other bowls rate where in the overall spectrum. To be sure, the MPC Computer Bowl is not high on the list, but what is? Well here you go folks, a nice little break down.

BCS Bowls:

Big time payouts for big time teams. You know, like Bosie State and Utah. No real ranking here as they are pretty much all the same.

2nd Tier Bowls

These are for the teams with a decent season, but couldn’t find a way to either win the conference or squeeze into an at-large BCS bid. Good payouts, good matchups. All over $2 million. Maybe perhaps not on New Year’s Day, but that’s really not a measure of quality anymore.

3rd Tier Bowls

While also standing out in the bowl scene, these bowls fall under the $2 million mark. Again, good matchups for some. I’m still not sure how the Big 12 #7 or #8 and the SEC #8 can get $1.2 million a piece, but whatever, it’s a party.

Your Season Sucked

Think you had a good year? Got a winning record? Going to a bowl? Well, if it’s one of these, you can stop patting yourself on the back right now (unless you’re Rice University).

Other facts about college football’s illustrious post-season:

-# of teams in D-1A football: 118

-# of teams that get to the post season: 64 (54%)

-# of teams in D-1A and AA basketball: 326

-# of teams that get to the post season: 96 (29%)

-Of teams in the postseason, average # of games played in football postseason: 1.00

-Of teams in the postseason, average # of games played in basketball postseason: 1.96

-# of basketball National Champions decided like a figure skating competition: 0

In other news, the Carnegie Mellon Fighting Calculators were eliminated from a real live college football game this past weekend. They will certainly never live this down, even with 8 figure incomes.

Casino Royale Options

November 21, 2006

Casino Royale is possibly the most pure kick-ass movie of all time. However, the choice of Texas Hold ‘Em over the traditional Baccarat is an interesting one. I just don’t see Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan sitting down with Raymer or Moneymaker and having a tense, dramatic game. But does anyone understand Baccarat? No, but that would make it all the more mysterious. (The women that understand the game, in turn become more mysterious as well. Think about it. Would you rather be with a woman that understands Baccarat or one that doesn’t?)

With an inside source on set, The North End Zone has found out the other games considered for the movie, and why they were denied.


Pros: Traditional Bond. Mysterious. Alluring. Like a perfume and high-stakes gambling rolled into one.

Cons: No one knows what the hell is going on.


Pros: Easy. Understandable. Stakes get high.

Cons: So easy, it was used in an Austin Powers movie.


Pros: Great game for confrontation. One – on – one drama by the end.

Cons: Have you ever played a 14 person, 14 deck game of war? Those are 5 ½ weeks I’d like to have back, thank you.


Pros: Did you see those chicks in the movie?

Cons: Unless Oddjob is in it, the chicks are really the only draw.

Paper Football

Pros: Every young man trains for a $150 million paper football tournament since they were in 2nd grade.

Cons: With the one guy’s already screwed up eye, losing another one due to an extra point may ruin the plot.

Go Fish

Pros: Only about a million.

Cons: None, should have been used in the movie.

So as you can see, while Casino Royale is quite the awesome movie, there were some better options than Hold ‘Em. The birth of a new catch phrase: “Go fish, Mr. Bond.”

Corey’s Conspiracy Theory: Rutgers

November 16, 2006

They are now “Legit Football Team” Rutgers. They control their own destiny to make it a BCS game. They have just pulled off the biggest win of all time ever (according to ESPN). But look a little deeper, and you may find something strange about this run of Rutgers.

First off, let’s start with the logo. Apparently, when Rutgers decided to grace the sports world with a logo, they turned to trusty Microsoft Word to find it. “Let’s see… we are Rutegers. That starts with ‘R’. What’s that look like in Times New Roman?… Bingo.” Exactly zero creativity. Must have spent too much time on that football program back then.

Ok, so their logo sucks. that’s not a crime. But this infamous logo decision has led to some clues about how the Fighting Jerseyians finally reached success in college football.

You see, much like the Masons, you can find clues about how deep the Rutgers power reaches. We’ve already mentioned their infiltration of Word. Every movie ever made about pirates has a subtle taste of the Rutgers “R”. But the mind-blowing conspiracy is that Rutgers… CONTROLS THE OFFICIATING CREWS.
That’s right folks. It’s time people know the truth. After an exhaustive search and investigation (or just watching games), we’ve seen that the referee is obviosuly giving Rutgers an advantage every time.

With the subtleness of a young maiden’s death kiss, the Scarlet Knights are able to announce their prescence to the officating crew in the very uniforms they must wear. Think that Times New Roman “R” on the ref’s back stands for referee? Think again. Every game is tilted in the Knights’ favor. They have been biding their time for the past 20 years, and now they are ready to pounce.

Prediction: Scarlet Knights win the National Championship by 2010. The stars are aligning. Also, aliens killed JFK.

The Beginning

November 16, 2006

Here it is everyone, the first official post. With exactly 2 readers right now, we are well on pace to hit 74 home runs by the end of the season. For historical reference, here’s how this whole thing went down:

  • After birth, a bunch of us went to Virginia Tech, where we became friends/drinking buddies.
  • 2 of the contributors, Dip and Wiley, were on a late night college radio sports talk show. It was on at 2 am Saturday nights. Obviously all students are in their dorms listening to the radio at 2 am on Saturday nights.
  • After learning of the wonderful world of sports blogs, Corey the Entreprenuer decided that his jerk group of friends could easily do that. (He has thought that and said the words “that’s easy enough” many times in the past, with many scars to prove how he performed.)
  • The North End Zone was born. The cycle of life.

So that’s basically it. We will be posting on anything and everything sports related (not neccessarily Tech). If you’re reading this right now, we’ll probably let you be a contributor, too. But once we surpass 200,000 readers, it will get a little tougher. Anyways, enjoy the dawn of The North End Zone.